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Can You Spend Your Days Writing for Textbroker Full-Time?

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Is writing for Textbroker full-time worth the trouble? It depends on how much effort you put in and if there is enough available work. I was able to prove to myself that I could sustain a full-time income with Textbroker. But it wasn’t easy.

And when I started as a 3-star author, it was far more difficult. However, I was able to quit my full-time job at the school district and write after a bit more than a year.

It’s all about getting the momentum going and doing what you can to keep the ball rolling.

How Much Can You Make by Writing for Textbroker Full-Time?

The amount of money you can make on Textbroker as a full-time writer depends on a lot of different factors. No one can guarantee you’ll make a specific amount of money every hour because of the nature of content mills.

Some of these factors include:

  • Amount of available work for your level.
  • How much effort you put into doing orders as quickly as possible.
  • The difficulty level of individual orders.
  • What kind of distractions you have.
  • Whether you’re working on the open pool, direct or team orders.

Simply put, there are just too many variables that will change how much you make on any given day. On the upside, after tracking my work and pay for several years, I found I was able to average around $17 or $18 per hour in most cases.

Some days I’d make much more, and other days I wouldn’t make $50 because the workload was so low.

But if you keep at it, you could find yourself in a similar position to my own: where direct order clients and teams keep you busy even if there is nothing in the open orders of Textbroker to write.

How to Keep Writing for Textbroker Full-Time

Before I go into how I became a full-time writer on Textbroker, you need to understand a very important point. When I first started, I simply couldn’t get enough work to warrant quitting my regular job.

I wasn’t able to just jump in and start writing for Textbroker full-time. In fact, it took several months before I had a decent amount of money coming in.

This is mostly because I was either too tired from working my regular job all day to write or because there simply wasn’t enough work to keep me busy.

However, I was able to surpass those issues over time by doing the following:

Keep the Profile Complete and Updated

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a full profile in Textbroker. It’s used in search and helps connect you with clients who may want to send direct orders or team invites.

A fully filled profile doesn’t guarantee that you’ll write full-time on Textbroker. However, it will vastly increase your chances.

Have a Quick Turn-Around

Being fast is one of the biggest contributors to my success. Not only does a fast turn-around time for orders help by giving you more time to complete additional work, but it impresses clients and Textbroker management.

Even if the order has a three-day grace period, get it done as quickly as possible.

Clients often send me direct orders simply because I submit the orders shortly after picking them up.

Be Interactive with Clients

The more engaging you are with clients, the better. Building a report with those who are sending you work often impresses these individuals. The end result often leads to additional orders from the clients.

Even if you’re picking up orders from the open pool, engage. It’s a great way to turn the occasional client into one who sends you work on a daily basis.

In fact, I’ve gained several clients for extended periods of time because I was respectful and communicative.

Don’t Be Afraid of Exploring New Topics

One way that I kept myself writing for Textbroker full-time was by expanding into new topics. I started by writing exclusively for computers, Internet and technology. After expanding into all topics, I found myself quite busy.

Even if it’s a topic you’ve never covered before, don’t be afraid to try. I had no idea I had a knack for marketing, travel and animals until I explored the orders in those topics.

Have a Backup Plan when Workflow is Low

Keep yourself busy. I often wrote for several content mills at the same time while waiting for work in Textbroker. Although many of them didn’t pay nearly as well, it kept me busy.

I know, this isn’t exactly writing for Textbroker full-time. However, it keeps money coming in and helps you practice as a freelance writer.

Don’t Overthink the Work

One problem I see many new others have is overthinking the project. Many will throw in a variety of complex words to demonstrate their knowledge of English while trying to make every sentence perfect.

In reality, this takes time away from submitting the order. I’m not saying you should sacrifice quality. But there is such a thing as making a project more difficult than it is.

Learn, Learn and Learn Some More

Always strive to improve your abilities. After seven years of writing as a professional, I’ll still get onto Google and either refresh what I know or discover something new.

This is especially useful when you’re trying to develop SEO-minded content.

How does this help you with writing for Textbroker full-time? By giving clients and managers a reason to keep hiring you for additional work.[template id=”2087″]

Is it Possible to Keep Writing for Textbroker Full-Time?

In reality, no one can guarantee that you can replace a full-time income with any content mill. This is because of how these platforms work. Some days you’ll have a seemingly endless supply of orders and some days you don’t.

However, between the open pool, direct and team orders, you can vastly increase your chances.

At any given time, I can write almost non-stop on Textbroker simply because of how effective I am for clients and the sheer number of teams I’m on. In most cases, I only put in perhaps six hours a day to pull in nearly $500 on average per week.

The bottom line is that it will take a lot of effort on your behalf if you want to explore writing for Textbroker full-time.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it will require constant vigilance.

How Exactly I Went from a Part-Time Writer to Full-Time

I began freelance writing in January of 2012. I started working with Textbroker while I was working for the school district.

After spending several months learning how to write in AP Style English and iron out my issues, I was able to reach a 4-Star level. This meant I was open to more orders both in the open pool and on teams.

I was able to quit my job more than a year later as I was able to pull in more work and money compared to the school district.

Nowadays, I create content for private clients while completing a few jobs in Textbroker here and there.

It wasn’t something I accomplished overnight, and it required a great deal of work and social interaction.

Keep Yourself Busy

The hardest part about writing for Textbroker full-time is keeping yourself busy. Sometimes the workload just isn’t there. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up.

Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Keep working for other content mills until you can sustain yourself on Textbroker.[template id=”2089″]

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