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Can Health and Fitness Help You as a Writer?

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Does practicing good health and fitness help when writing content for clients, or even when working on your own novel? In reality, a healthy body is more effective at nearly every task. Don’t think of it as getting a “beach body,” but making yourself more efficient.

Too many people view fitness as a method to look good. The truth is, practicing good health has a plethora of benefits ranging from career to grocery shopping.

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How Health and Fitness Benefits a Writer

I’m not saying you should jump into the first mainstream diet you see or become vegan. However, building a stronger you will benefit your abilities as a writer.

I know I am far more effective today than I was at 290 pounds. I just have an easier time addressing issues and coming up with creative ideas that clients seem to love.

After all, it’s all about making clients happy to keep my bills paid, right?

Improving Energy Levels

A lot of people don’t understand just how taxing it can be as a writer. It’s the mental fatigue and sitting idle for long periods of time that can easily sap you throughout the day. Getting regular exercise is found to enhance mood and energy levels to address problems like this. [note]https://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness/workouts/boost-your-energy-level-with-exercise.aspx[/note]

Don’t think of exercise as doing a mundane workout with which you wind up getting bored. Instead, keep in mind that any physical activity is considered “exercise.” For instance, I spend 30 to 60 minutes a day playing Xbox Kinect while wearing weighted gloves.

This helped me lose almost 70 pounds so far.

I also know from experience that I am far more productive as a writer on days I am actually physical. Get up and walk, go for a bike ride, really attack cleaning the kitchen; all of these are good ways to get the heart rate up.

Supply of Oxygen to the Brain

As a writer, your primary organ is the brain. Sure your fingers need to type fast, but it’s the processing power of the mind that guides your words. Physical fitness boosts the power of your brain to make this task much easier. [note]https://www.brainhq.com/brain-resources/everyday-brain-fitness/physical-exercise[/note]

It’s all about getting oxygen and nutrients to the organ in your head. Essentially, anything that improve the functionality of your heart also benefits the brain.

Just make sure you’re getting enough water. Dehydration can have an adverse effect by compromising how the mind processes information after exercising. [note]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12595152[/note]

Getting Nutrients the Brain Needs

Exercise isn’t the only thing that improves how the brain works. You also need the right nutrition to keep it optimal. This means you should consider a good diet to aid in your writing abilities. [note]https://www.webmd.com/diet/features/eat-smart-healthier-brain#1[/note]

I’m assuming you’ve heard the term, “you are what you eat.” This statement is more true than what many people realize. Everything you put into your body is used by your body, even the junk.

This is why you need a good diet to enhance your capacity for thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have things like popcorn and chocolate in the house. But realize you need a balance of nutrition if you really want your mind to be as sharp as it can be as a writer.

Stress Relief

A stressful mind is less rational and less capable of maintaining a good flow of thought. Physical activity is a way to help remove this element from the mind. This is because of the endorphins that are released, the body’s natural method of pain relief. [note]https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/exercise-and-stress/art-20044469[/note]

Physical fitness isn’t the only thing that helps stress, either. Even the foods you eat will have an impact in how you feel overall, including your mentality. Getting the right nutrition benefits you in both physical and mental aspects. [note]https://www.prevention.com/mind-body/emotional-health/13-healthy-foods-that-reduce-stress-and-depression[/note]

It’s often difficult to keep your head in the game when you’re writing while stressed. Your mind tends to jump off topic quite easily, which then leads to poor judgment as well as grammatical mistakes you wouldn’t make otherwise.

Benefiting from Sleep

Sleep deprivation can do a number on the human body. It can lead to things such as high blood pressure, a weakened immune system and problems with memory and concentration. I’ve also hallucinated once while on the job from sleep deprivation. [note]https://www.healthline.com/health/sleep-deprivation/effects-on-body[/note]

It’s an incredibly scare experience when you’re working the cash register at a gas station at three in the morning and hallucinate a customer walking into your store.

Getting enough sleep contributes to a myriad of benefits, most of which pertain to thought and memory for writers.

In fact, I stopped writing for clients on Textbroker once I realized the correlation between being exhausted and the number of revisions I make. If you’re just having to redo your content later, trying to write while tired is pretty much pointless.

What Can You Do to Start Health and Fitness Routines?


Personally, I began by walking every morning before sitting down at my desk. Of course, I was also very obese and had quite a few other reasons why I needed to get moving. But the practice is still sound.

If you don’t feel like push-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks, do something else that will elevate the heart. The stronger the heart, the stronger the mind. Like I said, I play a lot of Xbox Kinect and work up a sweat every time I play.

That’s the key element to giving you a better chance to become a good writer…keeping yourself moving. Of course, a good diet doesn’t hurt as well.

The bottom line is if you think you’re good now, imagine what health and fitness would help you achieve.

Health and Fitness Benefits Writers

In the end, building a healthier body and mind serves to benefit every aspect of your life. Whether you’re trying to create that New York Time’s Best Seller or simply shopping at the store picking up 50lbs bags of dog food, health and fitness are ideal.

The best part is, it doesn’t take much to begin giving your body the attention it needs to help make you become a better writer.

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