Blog vs Vlog: February 2020 Record Breaking Streak

Blog vs Vlog: February 2020 Record Breaking Streak

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For the second month in a row, there were some records broken. Which is a bit shocking considering I wasn’t able to put in as much effort in February as I wanted. Still, everything is moving in the right direction…sort of.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve stressed about trying to find a new place to live. Trying to find a house in my price range is proving to be extremely difficult.

Anyway, I’m going to try to not let this discourage me and keep pushing even if I have to blog from an Air BnB.
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Results of February Blog vs Vlog 2020

So even though there were only 29 days this month, both the vlog and blog did well-ish. Especially since I wasn’t able to get out as much content the last couple of weeks.

Considering fewer days and a lack of performance, things could have been far worse in the long run.

And with house hunting now added to my daily plate, it’s going to be even more difficult to write blog posts or create videos. That is unless I can schedule viewings after 6 pm.

I’m still going to give it a shot and do what I can.

Visitor Traffic and Views, Winner:

Blog February 2020

Even though February is a shorter month when comparing data to January, I’m still going to analyze how each performed with the previous month. Besides, the only number that is affected by total days in a month is the views and visits.

YouTube Views Growth: -17%

February was a pretty bad month for the YouTube channel. It only had 2,310 views over the 29 days, which is only just shy of 80 per day. In January, the numbers were far greater.

I think some of this has to do with two major factors; 1) I did fewer live streams in February, and 2) I didn’t put out as many videos overall.

Blog Visits Growth: +14%

Even with a lack of content being published in February, the blog still managed to break records for visitors and page views. At 1406 visitors overall, it’s the best month has ever had.

This makes it the second month in a row of positive growth. And a significant growth at that. This means if I want to continue improving the blog, I’ve got to get out more quality content in March.

Audience Retention Rate, Winner: YouTube Channel

Neither medium did notably well in February. There were sharp drops for retention rates on both platforms, which is something I’ll need to work on.

But I already knew one of these was going to have a lower month anyway given the nature of spam.

Blog On-Page Reading Time: -33%

As I suspected, the on-page reading time dropped sharply from January. Thanks to an influx of spam that spent quite a bit of time on the home page in January, the comparison numbers for February appear to be worse.

In reality, though, the on-page time for the blog when compared to December is more than 40 seconds better. So, I’m not going to read too much into this month’s comparison for retention.

I really do despise spam from a data-collecting-perspective.

YouTube Watch Time Growth: -19%

Not only did the channel do worse in terms of total watch time in February, but the average view duration sunk as well. The average view duration dropped by nearly an entire minute.

And a lot can happen in 60 seconds when you’re the YouTube algorithm.

Media Click-Through Rate, Winner: YouTube Channel

February Vlog CTR 2020

I don’t know if I would really call either platform a winner this month. There really wasn’t a lot of movement in the needle, which could be seen as a good thing, I suppose.

I would have liked to have seen some improvement, but that’s what happens when you don’t put in a lot of effort.

Blog CTR: -0.6%

The overall blog click-through rate dropped to 3.2% in February. Which is lower than the 3.8% it had in January. But I really can’t be too upset considering the blog had more than 10,000 additional impressions with more than 200 additional visits.

Even the average position of overall content in Google search climbed another 0.1 places. I’ll have to see what I can do for CTR, but the blog is still improving overall in Google.

YouTube CTR: 0%

At least I can say the YouTube channel is consistent. In February, the CTR sat comfortably at 5.3%. Some of the videos outside of Textbroker are doing exceptionally well, so that gives me ideas for future content.

For instance, the CTR of the Vocal Media video I did is at 14.7% with 669 impressions in February. Which is better than a lot of my other videos.

Improvements for March

So, I already know the major improvements I want to do for both the blog and vlog in March. The problem is, will I have time to do them since I am also looking for a new home?

As long as I can maintain any resemblance of my schedule, I should be able to put in more time this month.

After all, I wasn’t necessarily a slacker in February as I put in just under the same amount of time I did in January. But I was supposed to put in more for the Year of Effort.

Let’s change that for this month.

Blog Growth

Again, it’s always about creating more content. No one is going to read a blog if there is nothing they want to read. I have some great ideas for blog posts this month, so hopefully, that’ll improve the stats.

I also want to spend a bit of time researching the CTR of poorly performing blog posts to see if I can improve. This means I might have to re-write entire pieces to make them better.

I’m still toying with the idea of adding a social element to the blog. However, I’m not sure how well it will be received while having such a small audience. And I don’t know if it will improve the performance of the content.

YouTube Development

Branching out into other writing videos is starting to work. I’m still the go-to source for Textbroker, but I am now appearing in other searches as well. For instance, the Vocal Media and Hubpages videos are doing well.

And amazingly, I am appearing in search for Mindomo.

I need to come up with a video strategy about what will work better for reaching and retaining an audience without alienating my current subscribers. And, it would be nice if I could add more personality to the videos.

When the camera starts, I’m a completely different person. I need to learn how to relax more.

Need More Effort…

I’m disappointed in myself for the month of February. I could blame certain things on a lack of time and being too busy with clients. But in reality, I still could have done better than January.

The key to success in anything is effort. So if I want 2020 to be my banner month, I’ve got to figure out a way to motivate myself to do more.

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