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When Will I Get Back to Making Regular YouTube Videos?

September has been one very long month for me. I’ve spent so much time writing for the blogs that I haven’t had a chance to make YouTube videos. Well, outside of the live streams, anyway. So, when will I get back to uploading and what do I have in store?

Right now, I am just days away from writing 90 blog posts in a month. And I can tell you that I am going to be so relieved once I hit my goal. Because of this, I haven’t spent much time doing anything outside of GreenGeeks work and blogging.

However, I am planning out how October is going to go, and I prioritized time throughout the week to make and upload regular video content again.

Why Has it Been So Long Since Uploading?

I could blame my lack of uploading new videos on the fact that I’ve been working on this blogging challenge throughout September. But, that would only be half of the story.

In reality, I haven’t really uploaded much for quite a few months.

Sure, I’ve been pretty regular with the live streams. But with everything I’ve been trying to cover over the last few months, a lot of important things got shifted to the back burner.

That’s one of the things I learned most over the past month…that I need to start prioritizing and managing my time better. This experiment has also shown that I need to start reeling back on some things if I want important projects like the YouTube channel to be a success.

What Can I Do to Improve the YouTube Channel?

There’s absolutely no doubt that I want to get back into making videos. Not only do I think they’re fun to make, but apparently I can be pretty helpful sometimes.

That is as long as I follow up on what I say I’m going to create.

Sticking with a Set Time and Day

I’m looking at some of the data in Analytics, and it seems the majority of viewers are online between 11 am and noon, my time. Well, aside from the Friday night podcast.

The plan is to upload and schedule videos ahead of time so they come out at the most ideal moments for those viewers. This means I’ll probably make a video during the weekend just so I can get a day or two ahead.

I am debating on publishing videos on Tuesday and Thursday since I do the live shows on Monday and Friday. Then, I might toss in a few shorts throughout the week, especially since it doesn’t take much to make them.

It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about thumbnails, tags, or keyword research.

Examining What Videos Work the Best

I’ll spend a bit of time going over some of the best-performing videos and what people want to watch. Of course, I’ll toss in a few “let’s see what happens” types of videos.

There are actually quite a few of which I’d like to do a Part 2 that a few people have also suggested.

For instance, the Buy Me a Coffee, Vocal Media, and AdSense videos need a part 2, I think. There’s a lot that has changed or progressed since those videos went live.

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Doing Some Deep Dive Keyphrase Research

Part of uploading some quality videos is diving deep into the data to find keyphrases and topics people are most interested in watching. Then again, some of my lesser-known videos perform exceptionally well.

For example, the Textbroker videos are what made the channel. Even though the search volume is quite low, they are the driving force behind watch time and subscribers.

They even appear in Google Search for their keyphrases quite often.

Prioritizing Videos in Asana

Perhaps the most important aspect of getting back to making videos is making them a priority in Asana. This means the videos will be done and uploaded before I tackle a lesser project.

I’ve actually tried this in the past. The problem was that I would start to bounce around throughout the day trying to get everything done and didn’t follow through with the workflow I set up.

Well, this past month has demonstrated to me that I can’t do that. It’s ineffective and puts emphasis on things that are not nearly as important.

Yep, It’s Time for Yet Another Spreadsheet

Although I do love how much detail YouTube provides for data in Analytics, it’s not enough to satisfy me. This means I’m going to set up yet another spreadsheet to see what kind of videos work best, thumbnails, search, description length, and much more.

Because I’m a dork who loves crunching numbers. I’m telling ya, I should have been an accountant.

At any rate, going over the data so thoroughly will help me find patterns of behavior and come up with strategies to make the videos better.

What Works Best for Other Similar Creators?

Keeping an eye on creators who are in your same field can help you identify topics that may pan out well for you.

Now, you don’t want to outright copy someone else’s content in the hopes to attract the same audience. But putting your own unique spin and perspective on it may boost the viewership of your channel.

It’s not necessarily a game of “follow the leader.” It’s more about adding information the other creator may have left out. Perhaps you have an opposing viewpoint that will pique interested viewers.

Really Excited to Get Back Into YouTube

Truth be told, I really miss making regular videos. I love doing the live streams, as I can interact directly with the audience and have fun. But I miss uploading content that people can easily consume throughout their day.

Not everyone has time to watch a three-hour-long stream or can attend the live shows when they happen.

If I can whip out a 4-minute video that helps someone get more out of freelance writing, blogging, or self-publishing, then that’s great. And I have a lot of ideas in the spreadsheet that I want to cover.

Almost Eligible for the YPP!

After three years, I’m almost eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. This means I’ll make some ad revenue off the videos. Based on AdSense earnings from blogging, this means I’ll make about $10 per month in the beginning.

Well, that is unless I can figure out a format that can get more than 20 views per video.

At any rate, the money from YouTube will actually help me afford an additional writer for one of my blogs. Hey, $10 is more than I had last month.

So, I’m going to spend a bit of time seeing what I can do to make the videos better and more appealing. After all, I would love to help more than just a handful of people.

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It’s Been an Interesting Year, to Say the Least

This year has been momentous for WriterSanctuary. It would be amazing if I could add YPP to the list of accomplishments. It’ll be cutting it close since I’ll have the hours needed sometime in December.

According to my estimations, anyway.

But if I can get more videos up that perform well, I might be able to cut a few weeks off of that timetable.

In any case, this year has simply been amazing and I can’t wait to see just how far this can all go.

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