6 Reasons I’ll Never Use AI to Write Blog Posts

There’s no denying that artificial intelligence has come a long way over the past couple of decades. In fact, I’ve seen some interesting digital art created by algorithms and programming. But is AI something that you should use to write blog posts?

According to some experts, yes. Will I ever use it? Nope.

While some of my apprehension might be caused by a generational thing, I just don’t see a viable use for AI in this regard. And no, I don’t believe AI is going to take control of robots and wipe out humanity.

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Why AI Has Grown in Popularity to Write Blog Posts

A lot of experts on YouTube tout being able to generate tons of content in a short period of time to turn a website into a money-maker. It’s one of the most common themes I come across today.

Part of this is because Google prioritizes active websites in search. The more content you’re able to consistently produce, the greater the likelihood of being crawled and indexed on a daily basis.

Not to mention how covering a wide swath of topics regarding your niche only increases visitors to the site. By producing a new post covering a topic, you’re including people who are searching for that particular information.

Using AI in this fashion can help you crank out a ton of content in a short amount of time. That is after you take a few moments to fix some of the language and terms. I’ve yet to see an AI write blog posts that don’t include a myriad of topical problems.

For instance, one article I tested kept referring to creating a Textbroker “portfolio.” As I have been an author on Textbroker since 2012, I know that “portfolio” is not a term that is used for your profile account.

Yet, the AI used the term incessantly.

Not to mention the AI didn’t go into the same amount of detail I did when structuring its piece. And Google loves details, especially after the “Helpful Update” of 2022.

Being able to churn out a lot of content in a short amount of time is quite attractive to many people. It can take a great deal of work to build a popular blog that generates a lot of money.

But it’s something that I’ll never use myself.

Why I’ll Never Publish Blog Posts with AI

Maybe part of me is too old-fashioned to put stock into artificial intelligent writing. It’s not that I’m some boomer who hates everything new. However, I do think we, as a species, are letting algorithms and bots take too much control over our daily lives.

But that’s a rant for another day.

So, what turns me off from using AI to publish blog content?

Takes Away Your Personality from the Post

One of the reasons why people like your content is because of the personality you deliver. Whether it’s a blog post or YouTube video, returning fans are specifically drawn to you as a person.

Using AI removes that personality while cultivating that of everyone who has created similar content.

Now, you can make the argument that you can go in and replace a few things to give that sense of who you are as a creator. But at that rate, you might as well write the piece yourself.

You Won’t Learn Much if AI Does it for You

One of the biggest drawbacks for me and using AI is that it takes away from what I could learn. I pride myself on knowledge and work on self-improvement in all things.

If AI writes blog posts, then what does that teach me about being a writer? Not much.

I’ve spent hours upon hours researching everything possible to hone my skills, which I continue to do to this day. Letting a program do it for me takes away all of my accomplishments.

Could Impact SEO in a Negative Way

I mentioned the Google update just a moment ago, and I have a theory behind some of its development. Google is looking for the most helpful piece of content to show to searchers. They also emphasize quite a bit about “people writing for people.”

Could this be Google trying to limit the impact of massive amounts of AI-generated content appearing suddenly?

I know, it sounds more like a conspiracy. Nonetheless, a bot structuring content is going to miss a lot of the human element that goes into writing.

Can You Really Claim the Work is Yours?

One argument that is making its rounds is whether you can claim something generated by AI as your own. After all, the bot is creating the content based on the input of other people.

It’s kind of like spinning an article. This is the process of taking the available information and rewording it to avoid plagiarism. So, even though the words are different, it’s still the same information being shared.

Is that really your work? Is basing the content on someone else’s research ideal?

This is another point Google made in its update: If you’re regurgitating the same information, then it’s nothing new, helpful, or unique.

Wall-E is Not a Tutorial for Life

Every time someone creates a new app or AI-powered element, I think back to scenes from the movie, “Wall-E.” If you’re unaware, humanity has become exceptionally lazy as bots do everything.

It’s bad enough that we now have no reason to leave the home since virtually everything can be done online. Shopping, social interaction, dating…it can all be done from your smartphone.

The more integrated AI becomes in our daily lives, the less we have to learn. Why worry about how it’s done if we have a bot that’ll do it for us?

I Get More Satisfaction Out of Creating Content Myself

And lastly, I get a great swell of satisfaction and confidence when something I created gets a lot of attention. Especially if something I created helps someone accomplish something.

That’s why I’m a creator; I love to help.

If the AI does it for me, then it has far less meaning. Instead of feeling pride and accomplishment, the kudos goes to a program that put it all together.

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What About Keyword Research, Headers, and Other Bits?

As a blogger, you’ll use all kinds of algorithms and programming to find the best keywords or structure headers for maximum effectiveness. You can use the data from heatmaps to determine where the best place is to put an advertisement on your website that will be seen by visitors.

So, someone could point out that I use AI all the time for writing blog posts. The difference, though, is that I’m actually writing every word.

Sure, the tools I use help me identify what my target audience wants to read. But it’s still up to me to put those words into a coherent article.

If the post does well, then I pat myself on the back. If not, then I research why it failed and come up with my own strategies to fix the content. And that is how we learn…through trial and error.

There is far less skill involved in letting AI write an entire piece of content as opposed to doing it yourself.

Is it a Good Idea to Use AI for Blog Posts?

So, the above are simply my points on using AI in general. That doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible system for those who can’t write. In fact, I know a lot of people who call themselves writers who probably should use AI instead.

Now, artificial intelligent writing does have quite a few benefits. For instance, you can publish a piece of content in a vastly shorter amount of time.

Case in point, it’ll take about two hours for me to finish writing this post. If I were to use AI, a similar piece of content could be whipped up and published in less than 10 minutes.

You could theoretically create an entire month’s worth of content in the time it’ll take me to write this one post.

As I pointed out above, though, is Google going to deem the AI-generated content as being helpful? It would be an incredible case study for someone to create a blog using nothing but AI-generated content to see how it performs in search.

Because I do pride myself as a writer, I can’t, in good conscience, suggest using AI.


Have You Used AI to Write Blog Posts?

A lot of people are jumping on the AI bandwagon, and I can see the attraction. I know I would love to spend more time on other projects if I could crank out an article in less than 10 minutes.

Yet, I will never seriously use AI to write my blog posts. I am a writer, and I thoroughly enjoy doing what I do. For me, I just don’t see the reason to let a bot take something away from me that I love.

Have you tried AI yourself? If so, was it something you could really get behind?

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