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How Much Can You Make with Adsense per 1000 views?

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Google Adsense is one of the most common ways beginners monetize their blogs. That’s because it’s easy to sign up, and even easier to put into the website. But, how much can you really earn in Adsense from 1000 views?

The short answer is, well, it depends.

I know that’s probably not what you want to read, but there are an incredible amount of variables that come into play when adding Adsense to any website.

Today, I’ll go into how much you can make in Adsense from 1000 views and the different things you need to consider.

How Much My Blogs Make in Adsense per 1000 Views

So, I’m going to use my personal blogs to demonstrate the difference when it comes to niche. Each of these blogs gets a unique audience, and all have varying degrees of success.

I’m also taking an income sample from the past 12 months. And keep in mind this is strictly from Adsense. This doesn’t include any affiliate channels, paid or sponsored posts, donations, or anything else I make throughout the year.

But to give you an idea of how Adsense works per 1000 views…

My Health and Fitness Blog

Estimated earnings: $109.10
Visitor Pageviews: 16,709
Income per 1000 views: $6.53

The health and fitness blog took a major hit in 2018. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to reclaim the traffic it once received, and it’s been an uphill battle because of the YMYL update. Somehow, I was lumped in with scam sites even though I don’t sell anything.

What would this blog make with 1 million pageviews per month? $6,529.42

The Gaming Blog

Estimated Earnings: $129.09
Visitor Pageviews: 46,969
Income per 1000 views: $2.75

At the moment, the gaming blog consists mostly of streaming tutorials…because that’s what the audience wants most. But, I do plan on exploring other avenues for content outside of industry news.

What would this blog make with 1 million pageviews per month? $2,748.41

Estimated earnings: $169.00
Visitor Pageviews: 29,913
Income per 1000 views: $5.65

WriterSanctuary became my flagship blog after Google sunk the health and fitness site. And, it’s what I spend the most time cultivating between these posts and the YouTube channel.

What would this blog make with 1 million pageviews per month? $5,649.72

What the Data Tells Me

Even with more visitors, the gaming blog has a much lower rate for Adsense per 1000 views. I suspect that a lot of this has to do with more gamers using ad blockers than those who visit this site to learn about freelance writing.

Another aspect of the gaming site is, like I said, mostly tutorials. If I can engage another side of this audience, the number of clicks might improve.

Still, with fewer overall visits to the site, WriterSanctuary still makes more than twice what the gaming site pulls in from Adsense alone.

And as you can see with all three sites, it takes several hundred thousand views per month to replace a full-time income.

How Much Does Google Adsense Pay Per Click?

The amount Google pays per click depends on the amount an advertiser bids for a specific keyword or phrase. The more a brand pays, the more money you make. And because of the bidding layout of Google Ads, it’s difficult to determine that you’ll make “X” amount with each click.

I’ve had ads pay me anywhere from $0.01 all the way up to several dollars. It all depends on the ad and how much the keyword or phrase is worth to the brand.

The way the bidding works is just like in an auction. The more money the brand puts into the value of a keyphrase, the more often the ad is shown.

From what I can determine, unfortunately, there’s no way to tell Google you only want high-value ads on your website. If you know anything otherwise, I’d love to know. Feel free to leave a comment.

Don’t Focus on the Overall Average RPM in Adsense

Too many people ask me about the average RPM rate in Adsense. This is the amount you’ll make per 1000 impressions or views. The problem with this is that experts will give you an average across the board.

But in reality, there are too many factors that can alter how much you’ll make. Even the slightest adjustments can have great impacts on your monthly income.

Instead of worrying too much about what you’ll make in Adsense per 1000 views, focus your attention more on the content you’re creating. Because visitor traffic is key to making money with Adsense.

5 Top Things that Affect Earnings in Adsense per 1000 Views

Although there are a lot of intricate workings behind making money with ads, there are several that are key. Today, I’ve broken down the five most important you’ll want to address when setting up the blog.

These are not in any real order, and you should consider each point when creating your site.

1. Your Niche is Vastly Important

Like I demonstrated above, the niche of the website plays a prominent role in using Adsense. Some industries are just more valuable to brands that use Google Ads.

This is especially true if you focus on contextual ads. Thanks to the CCPA, Google now makes it easier to show ads based on the content of your blog posts.

I’ll go into more on that in a moment.

My point is that not all niches and industries are created equal. There’s more value in some products and services than others. And your site’s niche will play a role in what ads visitors are shown.

2. The Content Affects Income from Adsense per 1000 Views

Like the niche, the topics you decide to cover also have an effect on your income. But it’s just not the ads that will make the adjustment.

Obviously, creating higher-quality content regarding specific things will generate more interest.

Case in point, currently, the most popular post on this site is the review I did for Buy Me a Coffee. That page alone has generated more than 8 times the amount of the next article in terms of Adsense income…as well as supporter donations.

3. Add Placements

Knowing where to put ads on your site is vital. Especially when you consider how the blog is seen on mobile devices.

If people do not see the ad, you’re going to have a low rate for Adsense with 1000 views. The further down someone has to scroll your content, the less likely they’ll stick around.

About a quarter of your traffic is actually going to read the article to the end.

So if you put ads in a sidebar, those elements are shifted down on mobile devices. This means there is less of a chance your visitors will see the ad.

4. How Brands Buy Ads

As I mentioned before, how brands buy ads contributes to how much you’ll make. So, I suppose this can go along with how your niche affects your income.

For instance, the high range for the “K95 Corsair keyboard” sits at around $3.25. But the high range for “Jenna Jameson Keto” is hitting a whopping $23.00!

Ad Value High Range

That’s the difference between making $2.18 and $15.41 per click on the ad. At this moment, the Keto diet is far more valuable than Corsair as a brand.

Keep in mind, this is just the high-range value. This doesn’t mean you’ll make $15.41 per click every time. It’s the potential of making that much that should pique your interest.

5. Your Audience

And lastly, your audience will have an ultimate say in how much you make using Adsense from 1000 views. Everything from getting visitors from Google search to the overall engagement of your content matters.

For example, let’s say you place Adsense towards the middle of your content. But what if you write something visitors aren’t interested in reading? The likelihood of that advertisement being seen is drastically cut.

Also, keep in mind that every creator’s target audience is also more and less likely to click an ad in the first place.

Again, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but there are simply too many things that can adjust how much you make on Adsense alone.

YouTube Channel Banner

What Can You Do to Improve Adsense with 1000 Views?

As you can see, Google has an incredible amount of control when it comes to how much you can really make with Adsense. This is why most creators will include other methods of monetizing a blog.

Don’t get me wrong, Adsense can still serve a purpose. But, it’s extremely difficult to make more than $1000 per month unless you’re pulling in more than a million visitors.

So, is there anything you can do to increase how much you can make in Adsense with 1000 views? Actually, there are a few things you can do that will help boost the amount you bring in.

Use Heatmapping to Find Key Positions

I’m a huge fan of heatmapping. It can provide a great deal of information regarding how people are using your website. In this case, you can see where people are scrolling and clicking the most.

A heatmap can show you the ideal location for placing the Adsense code on your blog.

Adjust Your Google Adsense Controls for Your Audience

Adjust Adsense

Google provides a few settings to help you fine-tune the ads you show on your website. By going to the Ads overview in Adsense, you can change how ads are shown, customize various styles, and make per-user specifications.

Trying New Ad Types

There are several ways you can include ads in your blog to improve income with Adsense for 1000 views. Trying new ad types can help you determine if square, horizontal, or vertical ads perform better for your audience.

You can then examine the stats for each ad type and see what is more effective and generating income.

CCPA and Contextual Ads

The CCPA, or the California Consumer Privacy Act, forces a lot of ad serving networks to make changes to search behavior. In the case of Adsense, it means you can tell Google to only show contextual ads as opposed to those related to personal search habits.

This means Google scans your blog post ahead of the ad to determine what it’s about. Then, the system displays an ad that is relevant to the content itself.

Personally, I find this a more valid method for showing ads, anyway. If someone is on your site reading about a specific topic, he or she is already interested in the material.

This means they are more likely to click an ad if it’s relevant to the content.

Of course, this also means you need to provide a high-quality and clear article about the topic. If Google doesn’t know what you’re talking about, it can’t send you the most effective ads.

Target High-Value Keywords

Adsense Bid Range

As I mentioned above, targeting certain keywords may boost how much you make in Adsense from 1000 views. You can see the low and high-end of what brands are paying for those search phrases in Google Ads.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll make that much per click. But, it does show you how much brands are willing to pay for ads concerning certain keywords or phrases.

If you can correlate your content to match those phrases, it will help improve what you get per click. This is especially true if you use contextual ads and write stellar content surrounding those phrases.

Create Content People Want to Read

And finally, you can’t go wrong with creating better content for boosting your income. In fact, this will help no matter what method you use to monetize your blog.

Making money from your site involves getting a ton of traffic. And while marketing your blog and doing everything possible for SEO is helpful, it all revolves around what you create.

Because if you’re not creating content people want to read, no one’s going to read the post.

This means you need to understand your audience, what they want to read about, and have a good grasp of writing that is comprehensible. No amount of SEO will save a poorly crafted article.

Go Beyond Worrying About Adsense for 1000 Views

Instead of focusing too much on what you can make in Adsense per 1000 views, concentrate more on improving the quality of your content. Like I said, all systems rely on high amounts of visitor traffic.

If you can start pulling in 1000 visitors per day, every method you choose to monetize the site will get a boost.

So, in a nutshell, it all depends on your ability to meet the demands of your visitors.

For more information about blogging, check out the WriterSanctuary’s YouTube channel.

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