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Adding Free Tutorials for Writing and WordPress

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In my effort to add more meat to the website, I’ve decided to include free tutorials for writing and WordPress. These are going beyond the blog posts I’ve created in the past, though. The tutorials are essentially detailed guides.

Unfortunately, the time it takes for me to make these highly-detailed pieces means I won’t be able to publish them on a regular schedule. Each one comes with an incredible amount of information.

This means it’s probably going to be a work in progress for quite some time.

However, I hope to have a lot in the way of producing writing training online. From AP Style guides to detailed layouts for WordPress, it’s going to be quite the undertaking.[adrotate banner=”8″]

Why Create Free Online Writing Guides for Beginners?

I’ve come across a handful of people on YouTube who ask valid questions quite often. They ask me everything from tips for Textbroker to ways to use WordPress. It’s my goal to help as many as I can with these free online writing guides.

I’ve always been the type of person who will share knowledge openly rather than sell it for those who have the money to pay. If I can take a few minutes of my day to help someone out, then I will.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to make money on the side. After all, I have my own bills to pay. However, it’s not what drives me.

For example, I see a lot of people striving to get to the 1,000 subscriber mark and 4,000 hours watch time in YouTube so they can make Adsense money. For me, it’s more about engagement.

Whenever anyone thanks me for the information, that’s what makes my time to produce the video worth the investment.

I’ve made a success out of my life with freelance writing. And it saddens me when I see potentially good writers fail because they lacked some key information.

I also want to let those interesting in freelance writing know that it’s not always a bed of roses. A lot of effort and work goes into success, and I want to prepare serious-minded authors about the world they are about to enter.

Will I Publish Free Tutorials for Writing in eBook Form?

Eventually, I will create eBooks for writing training online. But like I said earlier, these take a lot of time to produce. I want to make sure I give as much information as I can about the topic.

For instance, the last tutorial I wrote took more than two weeks as I had to keep coming back to write more. That’s because I am slowly filling my plate with a variety of side-projects.

I am hoping that someday soon, I can start getting some of these tutorials up as eBooks, though.

Still Wrestling with Time

Here’s a free tip; being a professional and achieving success centers around good time management skills. And this is something that I am still working on. Once I can master time management, I am sure I can get more done in the way of free tutorials for writing.

The problem I have right now is I am taking on too much without really structuring how my day unfolds. I keep offering more to my client, which is slowly taking up time. But once I have a handle of things, it should go pretty well.

In reality, a lot of my day is spent on random projects. If I want to get more of these free tutorials out to the world, I need to focus more on what I am doing throughout the day.

In fact, I am looking for a good task manager app that might help organize my time better. The trick is, though, I would then need to stick to it as best I could. Otherwise, the task manager would be a waste.

Is This a Precursor to Free Online Writing Courses for Beginners?

Free Writing Courses

I’ve been toying with the idea of offering free online writing courses for beginners. And in a sense, I already have. Between the posts I publish on this website and the videos I publish on YouTube, I share a great deal of info.

However, something as grand as a complete course would take a considerable amount of my time to organize. And although I would offer courses for free, some of the more elaborate training materials would probably have a nominal price tag.

Again, I have bills to pay and a roof to put over my head. There needs to be some kind of income.

But I wouldn’t charge more than what a visitor’s time is worth. For instance, something that would take the average Joe ten minutes of their life shouldn’t cost $20.

If I do publish free online training courses for writing, the paid versions would be reasonably priced and affordable.

What Kind of Ultimate Guides for Writing Can You Find?

How To Books

I am focusing on the topics that I know the most about. This includes WordPress, freelance writing, Textbroker and online marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know everything about every topic. No one does. But I will do my best to share the very best information I can possibly provide in the free tutorials.

The bottom line is that all of the free guides I create are going to center around writing, publishing and freelancing from home. This could mean everything from blogging to producing content for a major corporation.

This is how committed I am: in the near future, I plan on experimenting with a new website to put theories to the test and demonstrate precisely how anyone can start a blog today. Then, I’ll break it down in a guide.

I may even turn that into a YouTube series.

It’s All About Helping You Become a Better Creator

My goal is to help everyone I can become a better creator in terms of free tutorials for writing. Who knows, I may even expand the topics to cover YouTube…once I master that platform.

In a nutshell, I will do my best to offer the most information I can. And even though I will offer paid services in the future, free versions for writing training online will be rich with details.

If there is a topic you want me to cover, or if you have any questions about free online writing courses for beginners, feel free to use the contact form available in the navigation menu.

You can also reach me via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.[template id=”2089″]

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