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I have been a freelance ghostwriter since January 1, 2012. Since then, I have covered a range of topics from animals to travel. My interests are quite diverse and I enjoy learning new things.

Nowadays, I am the Content Marketing Team Lead for a prominent web hosting company.

Why Did I Develop WriterSanctuary.com?

Michael Brockbank
Me in 2017

I don’t believe that anyone should have to pay if they want to work. Too many sites out there require an upfront fee in order to “share” information that is readily available through a Google search.

This site is dedicated to helping professional writers, like myself, find their way in the world while making it as profitable as possible. I never charge for information, and everything I learn along the way is featured on this site.

You’ll never have to worry about a “premium” account in order to gain the knowledge I have. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help others find the success I enjoy.

I also want to help anyone interested in setting up their own websites using WordPress.

My Ultimate Goal as a Writer

Eventually, I’d love to either work on my blogs full-time or publish a few of my own books in order to pay the bills. I don’t necessarily want to be rich, but being able to stop the Internet from being shut off at the house would be greatly beneficial.

One of my goals is to have at least one book on my shelf in my library with my name as the author.


I love writing. As a result, I manage three main blogs while putting effort into my creative writing on Wattpad. I have a few others that need some work, but Writer Sanctuary, Crossing Colorado and ColoradoPlays.com are my focused projects.

One of the things which drives me to continue blogging is being able to help others. Whether it’s freelance writing, health and fitness or gaming, managing the sites is worth the time if just one person finds value in the content.

Another reason I enjoy blogging is that it gives me a way to see something I created available to anyone who wants to read the material.

Published Writing

I started actually writing on Wattpad in 2016. I decided that I wanted more out of writing and needed to add more creativity to my life. So far, I have completed a few pieces and plan on uploading a lot more in the future.

Even though I don’t get paid for these pieces, it’s still an incredible experience. This is especially true since I get to see my name in print alongside many other authors.

Other Projects I am Currently Operating

At this moment, I am the Content Marketing Team Lead for a prominent web hosting company. I am in charge of assigning, editing, and maintaining content on three separate sites with a team of writers.

These include:

  • Various online tutorials for website systems, such as WordPress
  • Blog posts regarding small business marketing, WordPress and environmentally friendly-content
  • Knowledge Base for web host customers who need help managing and using the online systems such as cPanel

I am also developing the YouTube channel for Writer Sanctuary and have plans to expand into other areas.

Contact Me

If you’d like to reach out, you can use the “contact me” form accessible from the top navigation menu. Make sure you select the topic of the message from the drop-down box. I usually respond relatively quick. Of course, it also depends on the time of day.

You can also learn more about me by visiting my personal site, MichaelBrockbank.com. At the moment, I am still working on setting it up. However, it’ll feature everything related to me on the Internet.

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