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Is 90 Blog Posts in 30 Days Really That Difficult?

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Recently, I decided to try my hand at my most challenging blogging experiment yet. I am writing three blog posts for three different websites in a 30-day stretch. This comes out to 90 blogs posts in total for the month. And, it’s anything but easy.

Keep in mind that I’m also doing live streams on YouTube three times per week at a minimum, taking care of client work, while also trying to make sure I get enough time writing the eBook and the Despair audiobook.

It’s not like I have a lot of time throughout the day. Throughout any given week, I am one busy guy.

How Difficult is Writing 90 Blog Posts in 30 Days?

Blogging itself isn’t overly difficult. As long as you have a good strategy for creating your content, you can keep yourself quite busy. However, there comes a time when the process can weigh you down.

Especially when you’ve already got a ton of things to do every day. But, this experiment has taught me quite a few valuable lessons. Especially about myself as a creator.

So, what makes writing 90 blog posts in 30 days so difficult, at least from my perspective?

Time Management

I still have issues every once in a while with managing my time better. I’m easily sidetracked and have to work hard to stay on task. And adding a massive workload to my day doesn’t make things any easier.

What usually winds up happening is that I finish my client’s work as quickly as possible. Then, I spend the next 5 to 7 hours writing blog posts for myself. This doesn’t include the quick behind-the-scenes videos I try to upload for my Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

Needless to say, I have got to find a way to fine-tune my time management strategies. For the most part, I just need to make sure I am getting done with specific tasks on time.

I’ve got a great scheduling plan in Asana. I just need to follow through.

Coming Up with Ideas

I’m usually pretty good at coming up with ideas for the different blogs. But now I have to do it for three separate niches every day.

It’s not the ideas themselves that usually pose a problem, though. It’s making sure I still try to add as much quality content as possible. And I’ll admit, some of the past articles this month haven’t been all that stellar.

As an editor and freelancer, nothing drives me nuts more than filling an article with fluff that means nothing to a target audience.

Still, the quick one-offs like this article help keep the pace, even if they don’t perform well. In a way, this is somewhat of a good thing. It keeps me focused on needing to write throughout this experiment.

Immediately Switching from One Niche to Another

When I wrote for Textbroker in my prime, I was able to write up to 10 articles per day from different niches. I would write about everything from animals to travel.

But today, I have to also get images, links, social media, keyphrases, LSI terms, and everything else. With a Textbroker client, they just gave me a keyphrase and said, “have at it.”

When you have to manage all of the aspects of a blog post yourself, it takes away a lot of time. Especially since I’m also making sure every blog post is more than a thousand words each.

So, switching from one niche to another isn’t so much the problem. It’s all of the image and SEO tasks that come with it that slow me down tremendously.


No Days Off

I haven’t had a day off in over two weeks. I wanted to try to write a little bit ahead and schedule the posts to publish during the weekend. But, most of my day is already gone before I have a chance to even think about it.

And by then, I’m pretty fried and just want to relax. It can take an awful lot out of you as a blogger to maintain 90 blog posts within a month. Not to mention that I also do the live streams on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

So, even half of my evenings are taken up by another project. If I go back to streaming games for charity, it’ll mean I’ll be live on YouTube five days per week on three separate channels.

This means that I don’t have time to catch up and write a few blog posts ahead of time.

Missing Out on Fun Time

With no days off, this also means I’m missing out on some fun. For example, I really miss playing Minecraft with my daughters. I really haven’t had a chance to dive into any game this month.

I don’t even get to do much shopping, which got me out of the house.

Essentially, I’m tethered to my desk while staring at the backend of WordPress literally all day long. The only saving grace is the live streams. They give me a chance to have a drink and hang out with some friends.

So, at least I have that aspect.

Why Would I Write 90 Blog Posts in the First Place?

I know what you’re thinking…this sounds like an awful lot on my plate for September. And you’re right, it is. So, why would I put myself through this whole ordeal?

First of all, I wanted to prove to myself that I still had what it takes to crank out content. It’s been a long time since I’ve written this much, and I wanted to make sure that I could still do what I claim for my audience.

Everything I write or make a video about, I try to come from a place of authority. I don’t want to just blow smoke for my readers or viewers without having the experience to back it up.

Secondly, I wanted to see if a 30-day stretch of 90 blog posts would make a difference for the websites in terms of traffic. Well, I knew it would make some kind of an impact. I just wanted to know how much and if it matters on the blog’s niche.

So, I am collecting a ton of data for future blog posts throughout this challenge.

And thirdly, I am constantly challenging myself to test my limits. I can safely say that I think I am at the peak of what I can currently handle. But, as I said, I need to work on time management a bit more.

If I can iron out my day better, I’d have a bit more time for the fun stuff. I just hope I can figure it out before I wind up stressing myself too much.

The last thing I want to do is burn out.

Halfway Through the 90 Blog Posts, and Still Going!

Here we are; it’s been two weeks since I started cranking out the content. I have just a tad over two weeks to go, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t wearing me thin.

I’m constantly worried about over-exerting myself or burning out as a blogger. After all, I’m going to write well beyond 100,000 words this month.

That’s a lot of content writing.

But, I’m determined to finish. And I’m looking forward to a nice, long break after this. Well, at least until I come up with my next challenge.

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