300 Word Writing Sample Example for Textbroker

Looking for a way to write a 300-word writing sample for Textbroker? Below is a sample piece I wrote complete with a breakdown of how it was created. Hopefully, this will guide you to create your own amazing sample.

Remember, this is merely an example of how I structure samples. Your experience may differ depending on your own style of writing.

Writing Sample Example to Help with Textbroker

This is a writing sample for Textbroker. DO NOT USE THIS AS YOUR OWN. The article below is merely an example of what you could write as your entry article or as sample pieces within your Textbroker profile.

Number of words: 317

Creating a Writing Sample for Textbroker

A writing sample is a snippet of content authors use to demonstrate their abilities. In most cases, it’s just a small piece about something the author enjoys or perhaps a strong connection.

One of the most important points to keep in mind is the layout of this sample. Writers should create something that is easy to read and optimized for SEO.

Improving the Readability of Your Piece

According to studies, the average Internet user has an eighth-grade reading level. Which means the content should be easy to read. This is especially true if writing for clients on systems like Textbroker.

Most clients on these “content mills” are usually website owners looking for posts on specific topics. Which means the author needs to appease the average reader on the Internet.

Writers don’t need to flex writing muscles by using terms and language that is too advanced. No one should need a college education to read the writing sample.

A good rule of thumb is to create a sample that scores above a 60 on the Flesch Reading Ease test. Anything below that number and content gets more difficult to read.

Keep in Mind SEO Practices

Another aspect that will boost appeal on systems like Textbroker is to create content that is good for search engine optimization. Not only is it easier to write, but authors will have a better chance of pleasing clients.

Now, SEO means more than just having the best keywords and phrases in the content. It also means making it easier to read, as mentioned above. This means authors need to know how to use subheadings, bullet lists and other typographical nuances.

In Conclusion…

A writing sample should denote the abilities of an author. Don’t get too caught up in linguistics and overthink the piece. Be natural and deliver a beautiful snippet of content.

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So, how well does this piece score in terms of readability? Well according to Yoast SEO, very good.

This writing sample example has 311 words and scored all points in the green for search engine optimization. Well, this excludes the ending call-to-action as I added it as an afterthought after creating this page.

And to be honest, I usually strive to score above 70 in terms of the Flesch Reading Ease test. However, this is still a good writing sample.

The Layout of the Writing Sample

In the above, I have a layout that I commonly use for myself as well as all my clients. It follows something like this:

  1. Title
    I’ll use the client’s title if provided. If one is not available, I’ll create it myself using the client’s keyword while keeping it under 80 characters.
  2. Intro Paragraph
    The intro paragraph is to hook the reader. It should be about two or three sentences long addressing the reason why someone is reading the piece.
  3. Subheadings
    Now the number of subheadings I use depends on the topic. If this was a list of “5 things to do,” there would be six subheadings: one for each point and the conclusion. Each subheading needs to support the main topic of the writing sample.
  4. Conclusion
    The conclusion is the end of the article, and it should break down the entire piece in a brief segment. Usually, my conclusions are about the same length as the intro. Again, this depends on the topic.

What Makes this a Good Writing Sample Example?

Aside from the content being easy to read, I also keep paragraphs short and detailed. Every sentence has a purpose to define the topic.

In other words, I don’t add filler or fluff to reach a specific number of words.

Another element that makes a good writing sample is the actual information. Every sentence needs to have a point reflecting on the topic. You also want to provide as much information as you can.

A reader should leave the piece feeling more informed, especially if it is a writing sample for Textbroker. Clients want to know that you’re capable of informing the masses.

Make Use of Subheadings

Secondly, I make use of subheadings to break apart the different sections. This helps the reader identify which areas are going to cover certain information.

For example, readers will know that once the “Keep in Mind SEO Practices” header starts, it is the end of the readability information. Well, aside from a brief connection about SEO and easy-to-read content.

On the other hand, not every writing sample will need several headers. Think of it like this; a header is an intro to a major piece of content that supports your primary topic. Depending on the writing sample you create, you may not even need them.

However, it’s probably a good idea to add at least one to your Textbroker writing sample. This will show the reviewer you know how to use headers to break up content.

Sometimes you’ll need to use HTML coding for these subheadings. But don’t fret; HTML isn’t all that difficult to use in this case. You can study up on the hierarchy of subheading commands from W3Schools. It’s free and easy to learn.

I also published a video on using some of the most common HTML elements in Textbroker.

Watch the Comma Usage

And third, keep a close eye on comma usage. As Textbroker follows AP style English, you’ll need to make a few adjustments in your writing. For one thing, AP style writing doesn’t use the serial comma in many instances.

What does this mean? When you use a list of elements within a sentence, you don’t add a comma before an “and.” For example, this is a correct sentence in AP style English:

I like red, blue and orange crayons.
See…no comma after the “blue.”

This was one of the biggest issues I had when trying to reach 4-stars in Textbroker. As I spent most of my writing using Oxford style, which is what I was taught in college, it was a long time before I beat serial commas out of my head.

Nowadays, AP Style has become a bit lax on the serial comma usage, though. Which is a shame considering how long it took to break me of the habit. But this is just one instance of the different ways you use commas in AP Style writing.

And a very good reason why you should always check up on the latest AP Style practices. You don’t want to be viewed as obsolete.

Probably one of the easiest ways to avoid punctuation issues is by making sentences shorter and less complex. This is kind of the “cheaters way” to avoid commas, semicolons and other elements.

It’s good if you learn how to use proper punctuation as soon as possible. But if you’re a new writer, make the process easier on yourself. Write shorter and concise sentences, learn how to punctuate, then step up your game.

Keep Your Writing Sample Original

The best way to please Textbroker management, as well as external clients, is to keep your samples original. Don’t use the same sample over and over again.

Why is this important?

Perhaps the biggest reason to keep your samples unique is because of skill development. The longer you practice writing, the better you become. This means a sample you created last year will not reflect your abilities today.

This is also the reason why you should always update writing samples in the Textbroker profile every six months. You want clients and Textbroker management to see the very best you have to offer.

Don’t Overthink Your Writing Sample

One of the major problems I see from a lot of potential writers is how they overthink creating content. Too many people will want to throw in advanced grammatical additions or show off the size of their vocabulary.

Remember, most clients want quick and simple while delivering high-quality material. As long as you are factual and can deliver content in an engaging way, you’ll do fine.

Don’t get me wrong, you will come across some clients who want clinical pieces and highly advanced tech manuals. However, most of the clients you’ll come across in Textbroker, WriterAccess or even Fiverr are looking for good content that people enjoy reading.

When’s the last time you enjoyed reading a how-to manual for a piece of furniture?

For more Textbroker information, check out my video collection on YouTube:

Make Your Writing Sample Shine

Creating a writing sample for Textbroker isn’t as difficult as some might think. If you’re worried, you could always feed your sample through a free system like Grammarly.

Don’t rush your sample, though. While you don’t want to overthink it, you do want to provide the best quality you can.

Spend a few moments and make your writing sample shine. You may just start at 4-stars in Textbroker.

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