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Setting Up a 30-Day Experiment with Vocal Media

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Now that things are starting to settle a big after my 90 blog posts in 30 days challenge, it’s time to set up yet another. Actually, I’ve been wanting to do an experiment of writing for 30 days on Vocal Media for a few months now. So, it’s time to get that ball rollin’.

This was actually part of a series of videos I was doing on YouTube. And lately, several viewers have expressed disappointment that I haven’t finished the series.

Let’s get this one set up and give it a whirl, shall we?

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What is Vocal Media?

Vocal Media is a blogging platform that allows free and paid users to contribute content in order to make a bit of cash for their efforts. How much you’ll receive depends on how many people read and like your material.

And whether you’re a free user or a Vocal+ subscriber.

If you don’t produce anything people are interested in reading, you don’t make very much money. It’s virtually the same as running your own blog with AdSense. It all comes down to engaging an audience.

Once you reach a payment threshold, Vocal deposits the money into your Stripe account.

The idea here is to see how much money you can make over a short period of time. Of course, more content will give you a greater chance of making money.

Why a 30-Day Experiment on Vocal Media?

As I said, this was to be a series of videos on the YouTube channel. It was meant to show whether blogging on Vocal Media was something worthwhile to make money writing from home.

In reality, it would probably take several months before anyone would really pull in a substantial amount of income.

However, I would love to find out for certain if it’s something that you can use to pay a few bills. So far, I average around $0.17 per month, which isn’t a lot. But, I only have a handful of articles on the platform.

After 30 days, I should have quite a library available.

In any case, I would love to upload Part 2 to the video to show viewers what kind of an impact 30 days of blogging on Vocal Media actually has in terms of generating a cash flow.

What Will I Write About?

This is perhaps one of the more difficult aspects to consider. Vocal Media, at the time of this post, has 39 different categories to choose from. And I’m finding it difficult to decide if I should try them all or focus on just one category.

But if I focus all of my attention on one, then it really doesn’t show viewers if being flexible is worthwhile.

A friend of mine, Chris Desatoff, suggested that I try some writing prompts to kick start the experiment. I’ve looked over a few websites and suggestions, but nothing is really screaming out at me.

Since I want to get this experiment started soon, I would love to hammer out some details. I’m heading to Utah for Thanksgiving next month and don’t want to worry about writing while on vacation.


My Biggest Issues at the Moment

I wanted to start this experiment back in April of 2021. But, a myriad of things had cropped up that I needed to address first and foremost.

Not to mention that I am prioritizing certain projects.

Finishing the eBook

At the forefront of all my current projects is my first published book. It also is part of an experiment as it will provide me with a ton of ideas for both this blog and the YouTube channel regarding self-publishing.

Mostly because I’d rather talk about things and tools that I’ve experienced. I really don’t like creating content based on topics that I haven’t experienced myself.

At any rate, I am nearly done writing the eBook and am getting close to actually publishing it. Because I am so close, it’s number one in my list of priorities as opposed to writing on Vocal Media.

Keep in mind, I don’t have a lot of time in the day for the things I want to do.

Keeping the YouTube Videos Regular

Another aspect that takes priority is the YouTube channel. This is because I am literally two months away from having the requirements for the YouTube Partners Program.

This means I’ll be able to monetize the channel and make a whopping $10 per month in ad revenue. Still, $10 is more than what I’m making now.

Anyway, I am trying to come up with videos that will help me reduce the amount until I can apply for the YPP. As such, the videos take priority over Vocal Media.

Maintaining the Blogs

Out of the many things I am currently involved with, the blogs are the only thing really making money at this point. Between ad revenue, sponsored posts, link injections, and Buy Me a Coffee support, they bring in more than enough to pay for hosting and a few other things.

Though, I slowed down the blog posts quite a bit after my 30 days of blogging experiment. I almost burnt myself out of the whole experience.

Since the blogs do generate a bit of income, I don’t want to sacrifice time spent with them in order to bring in a couple of pennies from Vocal.

Things That Pay or Progress My Career Come First

Like the blogs and the few things I mentioned above, I need to prioritize the things that either pay or move my career forward. Blogging on Vocal Media takes a backseat to this.

The way I view it is that the time I spend writing on Vocal is time I could spend doing something else…such as making videos, finishing the book, working with clients, etc.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why it’s taken me so long to finish this little experiment. You should never sacrifice the things that are working for the potential of another.

Getting Ideas for Vocal Media

And lastly, I’m just having a hell of a time coming up with an idea strategy. Normally, I can crank content out in my sleep. I mean, I recently wrote 90 blog posts within the month of September for three completely separate websites.

Why is it so difficult for me to write on Vocal?

I would love to come up with a quantifiable strategy that I can share with others. I just don’t know where to start. And the writing prompts just aren’t doing it for me for some reason.

Perhaps I can pick six categories to write in and then publish five articles in each throughout the month. I would love to know which categories are the most effective for bringing in readers and money, anyway.

When Does this Vocal Media Experiment Start?

I am spending some time today working on a plan so I can actually start the experiment tomorrow, October 21st. This means I’ll be finished on November 19th, which is less than a week from my vacation.

Unfortunately, this means I’ll also have to cram in the articles during the Extra Life gaming event during the first weekend in November.

Depending on the content and topics, I should be able to whip out a few posts in a single night. Then again, I often strive for perfection while using well-researched terms.

But will I have to go to such lengths for Vocal Media? After all, I don’t even think Vocal is crawled by Google. At least, not any of the topics I’ve looked for recently in search.

Or, maybe I’m just simply overthinking this way too much. I’ll work it out.

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Will Vocal Media Be a Worthwhile Platform?

I’ve heard of people making decent amounts of money from Vocal. One person, in particular, told me how she was able to accumulate a full-time income. Though, I would have to see that to believe it.

That’s what this experiment is all about. I know I won’t generate a ton of money in the first 30 days of blogging. But, how much content will it take to make more than $0.17 per month?

I guess I’ll find out in 30 days.

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