Vlog vs Blog: September 2019 and a Lack of Effort

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This last month was a perfect example of having all sorts of plans without having the follow-through. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a shortage when it comes to effort for both the blog and YouTube channel. Can I pull out of this funk?

And actually, I gain a bit of passion back near the end of September only to have my world crushed.

You see, on the morning of October 1st, I found out that my 19-year old son died. And I haven’t been handling it well.

But what parent would?

That’s one of the reasons why it’s taken me so long to write up this updated. I just hope that I can still gain some of that passion back, all things considering. But it’s hard to stay focused when one of your children dies.

September 2019 Vlog vs Blog Results

In reality, both the YouTube channel and blog did OK considering how little I put into either platform. I didn’t push out a lot of content on the website and I only produced eight videos.

And despite not really putting in the effort, I still managed to pull in a bit of an audience.

With recent events, though, I just don’t know how focused I’ll be for October.

Visit Traffic and Views, Winner: WriterSanctuary.com

This month, both the blog and the vlog did better than in August in terms of traffic. As opposed to a bit of a dip in August, there was some growth. However, I’m not really sure if the numbers can be trusted for the website.

Let me explain a bit here.

YouTube Views Growth: 8%

September YouTube Views

The channel views went up a bit from the previous month. In September, I had 2,107 total views from 24,418 impressions. This was a slight jump from the month before. A big part of this was the video I did on how Adsense works for 1000 visitors on a blog.

A video in which I only have a 72.7% “like” rating.

Considering how most of my videos range in the 100% area, it makes me wonder why people are disliking it. I suppose I might be stepping on some toes, especially when I break down how many visits you need to make any real money from Adsense.

I guess they couldn’t handle the truth.

Blog Visits Growth: 16.38%

September Blog Views

At the beginning of the month, there was a sharp jump in traffic for an article I wrote back in 2014. In fact, I completely forgot it was even there until this last month. For some odd reason, it spiked to nearly 200 visits on the 5th.

I can’t figure out why, but it boosted the traffic numbers while driving the on-page time down. It appears most of these people open the page and bounced out of it almost immediately.

So, I am fairly certain this will make October’s totals look bad in comparison. But if I can trust the visitor numbers from Jetpack and WordPress.com, September was the best month yet for unique visits.

Audience Retention Rate, Winner: YouTube Channel

I don’t if I’d say either platform was a winner this past month. Between the lack-luster performance and weird clicks, the egagement rate was quite paltry.

Now, I did do a few updates last month which helped those specific blog pages get more visits and more on-page time. But overall, neither platform did very well.

Blog On-Page Reading Time: -27.57%

Like I mentioned earlier, the on-page time of the blog suffered thanks to that boost of activity of a 5-year old post. So instead of the 4:01 average time in August, it dropped to 2:54 in September.

On the other hand, a lot of the top 10 articles on the site saw growth. So I am sure the on-page time will increase in October. Well, as long as I don’t have another spike of a random article.

YouTube Viewer Watch Time: -6%

For the third month in a row, the YouTube channel had a drop in viewership. Despite growing in subscribers, less time is being spent watching the videos. And this includes a spike when I did the live stream on September 16th.

But, again, I didn’t really put out a lot of solid videos last month. I had a plan to do better in October, but recent events sapped all the motivation out of me.

Hopefully, I can figure out a way to regain some watch time. There’s no sense in continuing if no one is watching the videos.

Media Click-Through Rate, Winner: WriterSanctuary.com

So, even though I had a dismal production value for both the blog and the YouTube channel, both went up in terms of click-through rates. This is a combination of titles, descriptions and thumbnail images.

Although both improved, the blog saw a far more significant jump.

YouTube CTR: 0.3%

YouTube CTR

Now, a 0.3% increase doesn’t really sound like a lot until you consider this is in regards to more than 24,000 impressions. And like I stated last month, this would probably go up even more if I made a few more high-quality videos.

Unfortunately, getting more views matters nothing if you don’t have the watch time to back it up.

Blog Search CTR: 0.6%

Blog CTR September

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why there was such a jump in clicks is because of the issue the blog had back in September. There was a malware infection, and Google disabled the site in search for several days.

Something else I would like to point out is how the average position of the blog pages went up in September…by more than a point. This is big news considering how many posts I have published.

Improvements for October

First of all, I think October is going to be a hard month to really get content going again. Losing my son has made things extremely difficult, although I am trying to keep myself occupied with work and projects.

I’ve been maintaining my new schedule this week, which has been a great help in keeping my mind off of things. But I don’t know if I can pull out of this funk before the end of the month.

Still, I would like to try a few improvements and see if I can still make October a good month for content.

YouTube Growth

I have a few ideas to help move away from the Textbroker videos. Though, I’m not sure how many subscribers will stay once I start making them. I am pretty much the Textbroker guru on YouTube right now.

But I want to do so much more.

The “First Look” videos seem to do fairly when in comparison to the others. Both the one I did for Hubpages and the Vocal Media video had around 5% CTR and perform well in comparison to my typical uploads.

And even though people seem to hate the Adsense video, it’s still gaining attention. Unfortunately, people are only watching about 20% of the video. But this does give me ideas for future content.

Blog Development

Even though I haven’t produced a lot of new content lately, I have been making optimization adjustments. Mostly, I’ve been working on trying to fix my score in PageSpeed Insights. This probably made a difference in CTR and average position.

I would like to do more posts regarding freelance writing and monetization, though.

Another thing I would like to spend some time doing is revamping more of WriterSanctuary’s content. Some of the older articles are still coming up in search, so updating them might be in my best interest.

It’s Going to Be a Rough Month

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get done in October. I am just having a rough time with everything. As long as I can stay focused and stick to my schedule every day, things should start looking up.

As long as I can stay focused…

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