Compensating for the Minimum Wage Increase: How Much is $15 per Hour?

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Minimum WageAs more and more areas are adhering to a rise in minimum wage, some freelance professionals may fee like they are on the bottom rung of the ladder yet again. Talks continue about the $15 per hour hike with supporters and skeptics having their say in what it means to increase this dollar amount. What does all of this mean for the freelance writer? Well, that depends on how focused you are working from home or the office.

How Much Writing Do You Need to Do to Make $15 per hour?

No one can actually tell you how much you can make as a freelance writer working from home. Too many variables play into your own unique situation for anyone to say you’ll make “x” amount of dollars from freelancing. However, I can tell you how much work it will take myself in order to reach that dollar amount.

Daily Pay
In order to make as much money as the new minimum wage, you’ll have to bring in $120 per day. For some of us, that isn’t difficult to accomplish especially since we can make that much inside of a few hours. The trick to making this much, however, is to maintain the $120 or more per day – everyday. This means you need to bring in $600 per week, or $31,200 per year.

Hours of Work
For myself, it would take me 5.32 hours per day over a seven day workweek in order to make up for this much money. This is actually 37.3 hours per week – just short of full time work. In reality, this is slightly more than my current goal anyway. On average, I make approximately $0.27 per minute while writing for TextBroker and other venues. For some clients, I can actually make closer to $25 per hour as their workload is easy and I can base most of it off of my own experiences. However, there are days when you get those articles that you wish would go away.

Why Should You Remain Freelance Instead of Flipping Burgers?

With the rise in minimum wage becoming a reality, many people wonder why they should even bother with working from home in the first place. In some regards, students and other individuals could probably make more money flipping burgers than doing anything else. Personally, I’ll remain a freelance professional for a few key reasons:

  • I make my own work schedule
  • I don’t have to travel for work – saving money on gas
  • I don’t have to worry about interoffice drama
  • And most importantly, I love to write

Some people may have reservations and fears about the upcoming changes in minimum wage. Will companies such as TextBroker and increase payouts? Currently, freelance professionals of all kinds are comfortably knowing that they make enough money to live – and some do so quite comfortably. However, it may come to a point when writers like myself feel less appreciated. This could be especially true if you could make more money asking, “Do you want fries with that?”

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Michael Brockbank

Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 6,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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