Can Twitter Really Help Promote Your Blog?

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Twitter FollowWhen Twitter first hit the mobile device, I though it was nothing more than a ridiculous waste of time. Just another diversion to keep people from actually interacting with each other. It’s quite annoying to be talking with someone only to have them break eye contact and put you on “hold” because his or her phone chirped.

As I have been spending more and more time using Twitter, I’ve reserved myself to the conclusion that it can be quite a useful tool for promoting your material. It can be a platform that can reach a wider audience if your message is interesting enough.

Promoting Your Blog or Website

Like any other social media outlet, Twitter can put you in touch with hundreds if not thousands of potential viewers within a single 140 character post. These messages can be favorites, retweeted and shared among followers of those that like your comment. How effective can this tool actually be?

Growing Followers
Some organizations allow you to “buy” followers. For promotional purposes, this is not an ideal practice. Most of the time, these followers are actually fake and your message will fall on non-existent eyes. By producing meaningful comments that inspire others, you can naturally grow your influence in order to encourage visitors to your blog.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier article, hashtags are important. Personally, I’ll include the hashtag within the comment in order to save on space. Since I include links back to the particular article that I am promoting, saving space is somewhat important.

Hashtags allow you to post comments and include them in “trending” discussions. Not only will your followers see the post, but so can everyone else involved in that particular discussion. The more popular the trending hashtag is, the better are your chances of being noticed. However, you want your comment to be relevant to the topic of discussion. Including a post about boats in a topic meant for trains could be fruitless and a waste of your time.

Building Comments
Just like websites, people on Twitter want to learn something new. The more original your comment, the better it will be received. Personally, I try to provide a short synopsis of the article I am promoting in my tweets mixed with a bit of wisdom. It’s been a slow process, but I know that my followers are following me because he or she is interested in the content – providing a much higher chance of creating blog visitors with each post.

Twitter LogoProvide Links
While a short message can still be influential and help build a list of followers, adding links to your tweets allows readers to visit the site. Simply copy the link of the page you wish to promote and paste it into Twitter. Personally, I use Buffer to distribute my material. It will automatically shrink the URL of the page and allow me to post to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter from a single interface.

Frequency of Posts
I tend to post a new comment with each new page that I write. If I come across something new or have an epiphany, I’ll post it as well. However, some professionals believe the more active you are on social media, the more likely those people will visit your blog. Since I normally don’t have a great deal of time to spend on Twitter and other sites, I can’t verify if this is true or not. Don’t spam your followers, but be as frequent as you like. I don’t know about Twitter, but with Google+ more activity is seen by a greater number of people.

Be patient when using social media to promote your content. You can’t expect your blog to become an overnight obsession by visitors. Naturally building content and growing your list of followers can provide a greater effect as it can increase the returns by attracting others that are seriously curious about your material. The right comment can be seen by thousands of people.

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