How Effective Can a 300 Word Post Be?

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Content WritingEvery search engine optimization professional has their opinions on how long a post should be on your website. Some will attest to the longer posts being key while others suggest shorter and more succinct content. The truth is, it depends on the material you’re composing. As long as a visitor can walk away from your site with additional knowledge, it can be considered successful.

Shorter posts can be just as effective as longer ones as long as the material is based in facts. Just about any topic can be broken down into smaller pages of content. As long as you can stay on topic without adding “fluff” in between words, a short post may be all that you need.

Why Would You Want to Make it Short?
Many people on the Internet like a short read. They don’t want to sift through a great deal of text to find the information they’re looking for. In a 300 word post, the information is easier to find especially if the content is centered around a specific topic. This makes for a quick, and hopefully informative, read providing the visitor with exact information.

Staying Away from Fluff
As mentioned earlier, you want to stay away from “fluffy” material. This term is used to describe filler content that some writers put into a post for no other purpose than to make a certain word count on pages. It makes for a confusing read and doesn’t help search engine ranking as well as some may think. Remember, you want to provide your visitors with quality information, not a word count.

Keep your content detailed around the topic. Every sentence should have a point to make about the material you’re writing about. With the competition being so great for attracting visitors on the Internet, you need to produce the best quality you possibly can.

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