Can Writing Your Own eBook Pay the Bills?

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There is no doubt that eBooks are a popular trend that is ever-growing and show no signs of slowing down. The technology of the Internet has made is vastly easier to get your own writing published through the use of self-publishing sites. But can you make enough income on eBook sales to keep the lights on?

Writing an eBook for Income

Today, just about anyone can write an eBook. All it really takes is great knowledge in any subject matter and a penchant for writing. Thanks to free self-publishing websites such as, you don’t even need an investment. If you had a manuscript ready today, you could even have have a book with your name on it sitting on your shelf in the immediate future. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell for sure how much you’d make on eBook sales once you’re published.

Your Material
In order for any book to become popular, whether it is digital or printed, you need to have a style of writing that can captivate an audience. Poorly constructed novels do poorly in sales. While every author has a unique style to how they write, there is one fundamental truth behind all of the successful writers – they can grab the attention of the reader.

And In Comes is a great way to gauge if your style is going to be well-accepted. By using this publishing service, you can get critiques regarding your style from those that read the material. Although you are not paid royalties from Wattpad, it’s still a great place to test the waters before you spend the time and energy publishing a book that may turn out to be a failure. This is aside from the marketing aspect of using the service as you could develop a loyal fan-base before you publish your retail copies.

Publishing Houses
There are many self-publishing houses on the Internet. The hardest part is picking one that is right for what you’re trying to accomplish. Just keep in mind that these services may require you to market the book on your own. Although most of these platforms have internal search engines that can send some traffic to your eBook, the potential to make more money rests with your ability to market it.

eBooksYour eBook Pricing
Depending on the self-publishing company you choose to use, the pricing of your eBook needs to be low enough to be affordable for your audience, yet high enough to pay any fees you may incorporate. If you have a great marketing strategy and have already developed yourself as a competent author, you may be able to charge a little bit more on the sales of your eBook.

Marketing Methods to Encourage Sales
The Internet provides many ways to market your eBook. As I mentioned above, writing a few novels or even short stories on Wattpad can help develop a fan base that may be interested in buying your eBook. However, that is just one method out of many. You could also:

  • Host a website concerning your written material
  • Create social media accounts specifically for your eBook and future writing career
  • Create guest posts for blogs surrounding your eBook’s genre
  • Invest in Pay-Per-Click campaigns aimed at your book, although this requires a bit of an investment

No one can really tell you how much money you can make by writing eBooks. There are simply too many variables to say with any guarantee that you’ll make a certain amount with each publishing. However, the experience can be greatly rewarding and it may become something you find yourself passionate about doing. As it’s incredibly easy to become published in today’s technological world, the only reason why you haven’t done it yet is because you lack motivation to try. Find the time and explore the possibility of being one of the next greatest authors.

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