Improving Your Alexa Rating; Does it Really Matter?

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Alexa ScreenshotAlexa is a popular method that many use to gauge the performance of any given website on the Internet. It’s ever growing database is a collection of websites that are detected when Alexa Toolbar users visit those sites. The more often Alexa users visit any particular site, the higher its ranking becomes.

The lower the number of your website in Alexa, the better. The top 100 sites are heavily trafficked by those with the toolbar installed. If you search for your particular domain name and there is no data available, it means that very few Alexa users have visited the site.

Your Content Matters
In order to improve the ranking of your site, you need to compose quality material – the same way you would improve your Google rank. Essentially, your efforts to improve your search engine rankings is the same process for Alexa.

As of the date of this post, the Alexa rating for is 2,515,078. This is six million better than it was back in March. Considering the sheer number of websites and blogs on the Internet, I suppose breaking the two million barrier could be an accomplishment.

The Toolbar
You can entice a ranking for your site by installing the toolbar for Alexa yourself and visiting your site every day. Since Alexa looks at the root domain name and not subdomains individually, any access to any part of your website is detected. Personally, I use the Firefox plugin that shows the website’s ranking in the bottom right hand corner of the browser. I don’t really get into toolbars all that much.

Why Do You Need to Be Alexa Approved?
To be honest, I haven’t really seen any reason why you should care if your site is viewed by Alexa or not. Sure, the site has a few good metrics you can use to help develop more engaging content. However, it’s only derived from individuals using the Alexa toolbar and not all of your visitors in general.

The Downside
Of the major drawbacks to worrying about your Alexa rating is the fact that the results are skewed. The system’s primary mode of data collection is from those users that implement the toolbar or browser plugin. This doesn’t show every visit to your site.

In a nutshell, Alexa is a method to provide you with analytical data that can be used to improve your site. Upgrading your account can show you where visitors go next and include a great deal of information pertaining to those individuals. It can be a useful tool as it is based on organic data provided by human Internet users instead of the automated bots that saturate the web.

Any system that can provide you with analytical data concerning your visitors should always be welcome. However, don’t stress if your site doesn’t appear in Alexa’s database. Unless you are specifically focusing on those toolbar users, the system is nothing more than another tool to show you how certain visitors behave.

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