Is TextBroker Work Ghostwriting?

Last Updated on July 27, 2016 by Michael Brockbank

GhostwritingWhen you complete orders for clients on TextBroker, it’s considered ghostwriting. You are paid for creating content for clients who then can pass it off as their own. Orders you submit are no longer yours as per the agreement of working with TextBroker. Since you don’t get a chance to claim this work as your own, why would you want to write for this opportunity?

Getting Paid
If you’re able to create vast amounts of content off of the top of your head, why not get paid for your skills? Sure, you can post your material on your own websites and blogs – but do you get paid immediately from posting the work on the site? Clients are willing to pay you now for your material. Otherwise, your creation can sit idle on a website unread or appreciated by others. Hopefully, the content can help in your page rank – but more than likely you won’t see a dime for quite some time.


Ample Opportunities
As long as blogs and eCommerce exists on the Internet, there will be clients that need ghostwriters in order to create content and product descriptions. As time is money in any business, it is far easier and faster to pay a freelance writer to develop content for your website in order to improve visibility for search engine optimization purposes. These individuals are not going to do it themselves if they want to succeed.

Freedom of Choice
Although you may be creating content as a ghostwriter on TextBroker, it doesn’t mean that you have to hand over every piece of material you create. If you find that the piece you created is just too good to let go, keep it and write something else. You are in control of what you submit to clients. However, the better your content is for the client – the more money you will make as he or she will more than likely come back to you for additional material.

Building Your Skills
Being a ghostwriter on TextBroker gives you a great deal of practice to develop your skills to improve your own projects. The more you learn and develop while using the system, the better your skills become when it comes time for you to create your own blogs and websites. Since the editors provide tips and suggestions when your work is reviewed, it could be a great way to learn just how to develop AP style content for greater future opportunities.

Keeping Pride Intact
Personally, I feel a great deal of pride when I stumble across a website that features content that I wrote. As a ghostwriter, I don’t have any say as to what the client does with the material, but to see how others have appreciated the work gives me a good feeling. On the other side of that coin, I don’t have to claim responsibility for material that other people simply don’t like. The post is under someone else’s name and I have no fear of repercussions. Your name is in no way linked to the material as a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is seen almost everywhere nowadays. TextBroker gives authors a layer of protection since clients will never see your real name. There is no way to link you as the ghostwriter to any particular content you create – aside from the client not using your services anymore. Provide the best work you can – there’s no shame in getting paid now as a ghostwriter as opposed to sitting on the material and hoping it will pay off someday.

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