Writing from Home with Children

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So many people want the ability to work from home in order to spend more time with family. While this aspect may sound like a promising way of life, how many people actually put thought into working from home and how it will affect them? If you have children, then you will soon realize just how much more difficult being a writer or blogger from home can be.

Working from Home with Children
During the school year, your children are not in the home allowing you to complete your work without interruptions. Unfortunately, this only attributes for 180 days of the year – depending on the school district. The rest of that time, you need to find a way to occupy your children or they could exhaust an incredible amount of time from your schedule. As a freelance writer, every moment your not typing is a moment that isn’t paid. You need to find a balance between your family life and your work at home life.

Break Up the Day
In order to reduce distractions throughout your day, try breaking it up better. Set time aside for your work as well as scheduling time for your children. If you provide them with that interaction throughout the day, they could leave you alone more often in order to work. This is also helpful when you tell your children that you can play with them at a certain time. However, you don’t want to short-change your children. Try to schedule an hour or more throughout your “workday” and then after your done writing for the day.

Depending on the age of the children, it’s easy to give them distractions that can free yourself to work on your blog or for your clients. While some parents will simply sit their children in front of the television, why not give them something other than vegging out on the couch? You could:

  • Ask them to draw you a picture of something semi-elaborate that you can place on your wall.
  • Have them build a fortress and vehicles out of Legos that you will then play with later.
  • Ask your children to clean an area of the yard so that you can start your family garden.
  • Ask them to write a five page play that they can then act out when their time comes.

There are many ways you can encourage the children to do something creative on their own that you can be a part of later. Try to be imaginative with each task and try to make it fun for the children.

Your Office Space
As soon as you decide to work from home, the children need to learn immediately that your office space is off limits. You need to focus on your freelance writing career, or any other work at home opportunity, and they need to understand that you need to have time to accomplish your work. Without this time to yourself in order to complete tasks, you could hurt your income making it harder to sustain yourself and your family.

If you want to be successful at working from home and you have children, you need to keep both aspects of your life separate. This balancing act can be difficult at times, but the rewards can be well worth the trouble. You may even find that you are spending far more time with the children by keeping your work and family schedules.

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