5 Reasons to Integrate YouTube into Your Blog

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YouTube can be a valuable source of visitors and income, if you play your abilities correctly. While you may not become an overnight sensation, you can still use the social media giant to promote your blog and drive traffic to its pages increasing the chance of revenue and awareness. Even if you don’t have a camera or don’t want to put your likeness on the site, there are still ways you can make videos that can be engaging and entertaining.

Whether you have video recording equipment or not, you can make quality videos that can attract a number of visitors. It all boils down to what your niche is and how well you present information. Considering everything that is involved with making a video to upload onto YouTube, why should you care?

1. Traffic Generation
If you go into making YouTube videos for no other reason than to help generate traffic to your website, your expectations are already low enough where you won’t be discouraged that you don’t become an immediate celebrity on the website. Produce a quality video offering excellent information about the niche of your blog and include the link in the description. You may be impressed with how well a simple link can work in your video to bring visitors to your site.

2. Easy Content
Any blog content can incorporate a YouTube video to detail aspects of the material. For instance, a babysitting blog could include videos on how to care for children or cook simple meals. A blog about frogs could include a video about the different subspecies and their habitats. A blog about writing content for websites could include videos of installing apps into WordPress to improve your productivity. The possibilities are endless for content regardless of what kind of subject you write about.

3. Monetization
Once you create a unique video for YouTube without using copyrighted material, you can choose to monetize the production. This means you have the possibility to earn money from advertising revenues generated from people watching your videos. If you create a video that has the potential to go viral, meaning its popularity with viewers grows exponentially in a very short amount of time, you could earn a bit of pocket change. In fact, many YouTube celebrities make a decent amount of money from this feature – but they also have more than half a million views per day per video. Still, it’s easy money that is generated from something you already created and are using for the linking aspect.

4. Embedding into Page
YouTube allows you to embed your videos directly into any HTML page by copy and pasting the provided code. You can alter the size of these videos in order to allow them to fit on your own blog. After making and uploading a video, create a new blog post surrounding the topic you just made a video of. Write a brief 300 word synopsis of the video and use the code to embed it into the post. Now you have content for search engines to crawl regarding your site while giving your visitors something to watch as opposed to reading.

5. Spreading Like Butter
When you upload a video to YouTube, anyone can link or embed the video into their own blog or website. In fact, it’s commonplace to see your video show up on sites you didn’t even knew existed. If you provide annotations and link information within the video itself, visitors of those other sites have the ability to visit yours as well. This sharing of the video increases the chances for ad revenue as well as improving the visitation of your own site.

YouTube can be a powerful tool for the blogger as long as he or she can be creative enough to create engaging material. There are many pieces of software you can use to make your own videos without a camera such as Cam Studio – software that records your desktop. Whether you want to create How-To videos or just shoot the breeze, you never know what might take off and make your blog an international hotspot until you try.

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