The Right Attitude for Freelancers

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Freelance professionals in any degree need to exude the right attitude in order to be successful.  You can’t assume that your skills will always warrant you a job and that money will flow like the rivers of Babylon.  It takes a great deal of dedication and determination in order to be successful at your freelance skill and you need to have the right attitude to ensure that your needs will be taken care of.

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Many of us enjoy the ability to essentially work when ever we want.  As long as the workflow is regular, we can spend the morning playing golf or the afternoons napping.  However, there is something to be said about a regular schedule that you could follow.  Especially if you have a client who doesn’t have the luxury of working when ever they wish.  Most of the time, your clients will be those who operate regular business hours and would like their projects completed in a timely manner.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky and have those clients who expect work completed the next day which allows you to adjust your daily schedule how ever you like.  But not all of them will be this way.

Keeping regular business hours, even from home, can help you solidify good paying freelance work.  If you are able to turn work around fast enough for your client, he or she could wind up sending you more tasks to complete.  The more work you receive, the more money you make.  And if you’re an online freelance professional, all of this can be done from the comfort of your own home while you’re still wearing your pajamas.

One of the best things you can do to improve your mindset is to view your freelance income as a real business…because it is.  You are marketing yourself to clients in order to win their approval in order to hire you to complete a task.  The more professional you feel at your desk, the more professional you freelance work will become to those clients.  Many of us will make more money as freelance professionals than we ever did as regular employees – especially if you are marketing yourself online.

Try these tips to help you get in the right attitude in order to be more successful:

  • Keep regular business hours as you would if you were working for an employer
    • Set your hours to work from 9 – 5 or other variant of business hours.
    • Set scheduled breaks for yourself.
  • Keep a clean work area to help keep your mind “uncluttered.”
    • Many of us can be affected by our workspace.  If we see ourselves as disorganized, it could show in our work.
    • A clear desk can help if you need to have materials in order to complete your task.  You don’t want to be fighting with your coffee cup if you need a place to put your pad of paper.
  • Dress for success.
    • Some of us aren’t affected by what we wear in order to complete a task.  However, others may feel more “professional” if they at least get dressed when working on client tasks.
  • Communication
    • Your client needs to be apprised of any changes in your day.  If they are expecting results at a specific time, they need to know why it’s been delayed.
    • Conversing regularly with your client shows that you are a professional who takes them seriously.

If you are a freelance professional working from home or an office full-time, then you need to act the part.  Freelancers usually aren’t paid per hour and the work you complete for your client could mean the difference between going out to Applebee’s or staying home and eating a bag of Ramen.  You are a freelancer that requires the jobs from your clients in order to pay the bills.  You should treat them with the utmost respect and be as professional as you possibly can in order to improve your relations.  Happy clients will talk to other business owners and could provide a word-of-mouth advertising you never realized before.  Your success is completely dependent on your attitude for being a freelance professional.

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