How to Make an Extra $20,000 per Year or More Writing

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Making $20k per year as a writer is actually fairly easy to do.  You don’t have to be a college graduate or possess a great amount of knowledge.  All you need is a passion for writing.  The $20k per year is only a fraction of what you could be making if you put a great deal of time and effort into becoming a freelance writer. For further details about how to make this much money and more, read my followup to making $20,000 per year writing.

By investing as little as three hours per day for seven days per week, you could potentially add the $20,000 per year as a bonus to your paycheck or give you reason enough to quite your part-time job.  You can divide this time up throughout the week or in large chunks on specific days, it really doesn’t matter.  As the websites below usually have work available for writers at all hours of the day.

How it Works

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or require any investment from you.  This can all be done for free and is a legitimate way to make money from the comfort of your own home.  There is no gimmick and I am not trying to sell you anything.  In order to make $20,000 per year, it breaks down to roughly $9.62 per hour. That’s if you base it off of a 40 hour work week. This could also be broken down to $384.61 per week or $54.95 per day if you work seven days per week. Here is the simplicity of it:

  • Sign up with or for free.
  • Spend 20 hours or more per week writing content for clients.
  • Collect your money weekly or monthly.
  • It is literally that easy.  If you have full working knowledge of specific fields, all the better.

The Details of Writing Content

When you are registered with one of the above websites, you have access to a pool of orders that are provided by clients.  These can be of any topic you can think of spread across an array of subjects.  Once you accept one of these orders, you have a specific amount of time to complete them.  On Textbroker, they are usually asking within 24 hours, but some clients will go as high as five days.

20k per yearYour Writing Skill Level Determines Your Pay
Many of these orders are between 300 and 500 words long.  The time it takes you to complete one of these orders is dependent on your: typing skills, knowledge of the subject, and proofreading capabilities.  Some can produce a 300 word article in as little as 15 minutes.  If you are level 3 on Textbroker, you just made $3.00 in those 15 minutes.  Level 4s would have made $4.20.  If you produce one of these small 300 word orders every 15 minutes, you are literally making $12 per hour as an average writer.

Putting More Effort In to Get More Money
You don’t have to settle with merely writing for four hours per day and being done.  There is nothing stopping you from making $200 per day if you have the time and energy to put into writing.  For a level 4 writer to make $200 per day, he or she would have to put in an average of 13 hours per day.  That’s a lot of writing, but could produce $52,000 per year if you had it in you.  Of course, this is only an average and you could make this same amount in more or less time.

Anyone Who Can Write, Should
This is a great way for many to make an extra $300 per week by investing a few hours per day in actual writing time.  Stay at home moms, college students, and even those interested in becoming a full-time writer can make a serious amount of money by doing nothing more than writing content for other people.

All that is required of you is focus, determination, and dedication to improving your skills and you could make decent money by writing from home.  If clients like your writing, you could be offered Direct Orders and Team Orders which pay you more per article that you write.  There is great possibility being a full-time ghostwriter and you could be paying those additional bills that are piling up or get a bit of extra cash for a weekend rendezvous.  It is 100% up to you how much you can make.

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