12/26/2012 – Back to Writing

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After taking a few days off for Christmas, it was back to business as usual.  I finished the Comma page, but I think I need to revise it.  Since I went to college, a few things have changed.  Instead of a comma offsetting “however” when used within a sentence, it now uses a semi-colon.  I think it’s a bit of a pain in the butt, but whatever the editors want, that’s what they get.

The next articles I am going to write for this website are semi-colon usage, colons, and apostrophes.  I also want to add in a new category for sentence structure featuring things like passive voice, double negatives, and the who/whom conundrum.  I know that I am no expert, but producing more than 700 articles with 0 rejections gives me a bit of confidence.

Today, I finished up the few articles I had for one of my favorite clients.  I was sick for nearly a week and wasn’t able to get them all done last Friday like I wanted.  However, with the holiday season giving me a break, I was able to get them all completed before the client needed them.  Today, I was averaging $15.13 per hour only because I had to do a couple of open orders that each paid less than $3.  Since I cracked them out so fast, I was making $10.51 per hour doing them.  That’s still nearly $2 per hour more than what my regular job pays me.

As soon as I get a few more articles on writing up, I am going to start adding affiliates to this site.  Google has only indexed 15 pages so far, but the crawling is getting more frequent the more content I add.  In case you are wondering, this is part of the reason I decided to add a “Journal” area to this website.  If I can keep up a regular writing journal throughout the week, Google will crawl the website more and more.

Anyway, it is very late and I am exhausted.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have time to check out the other four sites I found to make money writing.  I am in the middle of one now, but I don’t want to include them until I have made money myself.  The only sites I post in the “Websites the Pay” page are the ones I personally have made money from.

Just a quick thought to throw into this entry…my Adsense account is $0.22 richer today.  One of my websites produced a click.  As I haven’t spent much time on this particular site, it is kind of exciting to see that it still has activity.  I would like to put more time and effort into my other sites; however, I just don’t have the time I would like to do it.  Between working as an IT technician and then writing when I get home, not too mention managing a family of five, I just don’t get much time.


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