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How to Get 1000 Visitors to Your Blog Every Month

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The purpose of every website is to attract an audience. Without people reading the content, it’s hard to make money or share your story. So, how long does it take to reach 1000 visitors? That depends on a lot of factors.

For instance:

  • Who is the audience for which you’re writing?
  • What kind of blogging niche did you choose?
  • How often do you create content on your site?
  • Is there a lot of competition online?

In reality, there are simply too many variables at play when it comes to scoring well in things like search results. However, there are steps you can take that will vastly increase your chances of success.

Today, I’ll show you how to get visitors to your blog and keep them reading.

Writing to Get 1000 Visitors Per Month

Perhaps the most effective method of reaching any visitor goal is by having excellent content. Because without something to read, people won’t visit your website, obviously.

But, there is a right and wrong way to go about publishing posts. And not putting in the effort is going to surely hurt your chances of drawing in an audience.

Search results are instrumental in hitting 1000 visitors per month. Case in point, about 87.58% of all traffic to this site comes from organic search in Google.

Create a Routine Publishing Schedule

People and search engines appreciate having a set publishing schedule. In fact, I’ve noticed the entire site is shown more when I publish constant content. This tells me that Google likes a regular flow of material.

A regular routine also helps drive up the numbers, especially if people follow your blog. Even if it’s just a handful of visits per publish on the first day, it’s still adding to the numbers.

Besides, having a set routine gives people something to look forward to and consume. It’s why TV shows in the past had specific timeslots and why many successful YouTubers publish on specific days at precise timeframes.

Research Keywords and Phrases to Use

You already know keywords are vital in driving traffic. That’s because people need to find specific information when searching through Google. But, you need to go beyond the simple keyword.

Today, it’s all about search intent and connecting with a more receptive audience.

Over the last few months, this blog has had fewer impressions on Google. But, it’s grown exponentially in terms of clicks, visits, and search position. This is because the content is shown to those looking for specific information.

The end result is a stronger and more engaged audience.

Create Amazing and Catchy Headlines

Great headlines can do wonders for getting people to click into a blog post. And there’s a lot of different ways you can structure them to connect with an audience.

But, you need to make sure your primary keyword or phrase is included.

If someone is searching for the “best places to get pizza in Denver,” your title should look something like:

Where to Find the Best Pizza Parlors in Denver, CO
11 Best Pizza Joints to Get a Good Pie in Denver

Of course, your title is going to be different, but you get the gist. In this example, I am focused on searcher intent to find specific locations within a set region.

Write a Gripping Meta Description

Now, there is some discrepancy in using meta descriptions. Some “experts” say they’re not useful in general SEO. However, others like myself have noticed how revamping older meta descriptions actually increase traffic to web pages.

You only have about 160 characters, so make it something that tells the searcher what they’ll expect from your article. Remember to include your keyword or phrase.

Looking for a great place to get pizza in Denver? Today, I’ll break down the best places to get a good pie while showing off some of their specialty dishes.

Just make sure you’re providing the information you’re promising. Meta descriptions are displayed in search, so make it just as catchy as your title.

Write Awesome Content 1000 Visitors Want to Read

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. How you create content, your personality, what information you share, and how the article is structured all plays into getting people to visit and read your post.

The overall quality of the piece is going to make a difference. This means if you’re writing it yourself, spend some time sprucing up your grammar and spelling.

And, you need to write something people are looking to read. Don’t just write whatever comes to mind and assume everyone wants to read the content.

For instance, the most popular article on this website this morning is about adding membership rewards to Buy Me a Coffee. But, an article about ways to improve writing skills is getting 1/10th the visits.

Knowing your audience and creating something they want to read is imperative to reach 1000 visitors for any given timeframe.

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I writing for today?
  • What are people searching for right now?
  • What is the most important style and layout for my visitors?

You can answer these questions by using Google Analytics and Search Console. In fact, there’s a variety of tools you can use to identify your target audience.

Optimizing to Draw 1000 Visitors

The second most important aspect of driving traffic is optimizing the site. And I’m not just talking about making sure your site is fast or that you have optimized images.

Although, those are important factors.

I’m talking about optimizing your content. Because the text on your site is vital for success. Don’t assume an article today is going to do as well six months from now.

Strive to Be Seen as a Featured Snippet

Being viewed in a featured snippet has helped many people score viral content. This is the box at the top of search results focused on the search term.

If I search “best business marketing software” this morning, I get:

Featured Snippet

Structuring your content just right gets Google to put it at the top of search results. This gets people to click and visit.

There are many ways to get on as a featured snippet in Google. You can create lists, use bullet points for specific content, provide a detailed description or answer to a common question, and more.

I’ll go into featured snippets at a later date, but it’s worth writing or going back to older posts and trying to get into this portion of search.

To find a snippet you want your post to be added to, search for your topic’s keyword or phrase. If there is one available, see how it’s set up and consider what you can do to get your content added.

Use “People Also Ask” in Google Search

Speaking of using Google, another aspect of searching is the “People also ask” section. Put in your search term and see how many questions are linked. You might be surprised.

This can do things for you as a blogger:

  • Give you content ideas to spruce up older pieces or to write new blog posts.
  • Another element to get added to like the featured snippet.

If you can answer those questions in a clear and concise manner better than anyone else, your site will get added. And even if you can’t answer the question better, it’s still something you can write to add value to your piece for your specific audience.

An example of a this is when I search “installing wordpress.”

People Also Ask

When you expand each question, more relevant questions are shown. You can go pretty deep into this area of Google and gain some valuable insight into your readers.

Get 1000 visitors By Keeping an Eye On Search Console

In many ways, I value Search Console more than I do Analytics. This is because you can get detailed information about how people are finding your content.

This includes search terms, click-through rates, and much more. Which means this is a brilliant tool to use for optimizing your content.

For instance, a low click-through rate can signify your titles and meta descriptions are not enticing enough. Low impressions from high search terms can signify you’re not answering the right questions.

There’s an ocean of data when using Search Console for revamping your content. Since it’s free, it’s worthwhile to get to know the system to help you hit 1000 visitors per month.

Plan Future Revamps of Content

Have a plan for going back and updating older posts. I’ve seen older pieces of content increase by more than 800% in terms of visitors from just making a few adjustments and making the information current.

And for one of my clients, this improvement was recorded in terms of thousands of visits to just one article within a few months.

Spend a day updating and making sure your content is current. In this fast-paced world, it’s easy for older articles to become obsolete. Bring them back up to speed and Google will reward you.

Get 1000 Visitors Per Month Through Marketing

Now, let’s go outside of your content. A third method that will help you reach visitor goals is through marketing your website.

And no, this doesn’t mean buying ads…although, that would definitely help.

But, before you go throwing money at advertisements, take a closer look at:

Email or Newsletters

Email is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market just about anything. And perhaps the easiest way to include this method on a blog is through a regularly published newsletter.

People who are fans of your blog will be back to read anything else you have to offer. A newsletter helps keep them apprised of what’s new and what you’ve been up to.

The best part is you can get this started for free, especially if you use WordPress. It takes but a few minutes to add a newsletter to your website, and it could be a main contributor to how much traffic your site gets every month.

Sharing on Social Media

With the right audience, hashtags, and mentions, you could amass a bit of traffic to your blog from social hubs.

I’ve done a few reviews of products that were retweeted by those brands that still bring in traffic months after the fact. So, it’s worth spending the time setting up profiles and engaging potential visitors.

But of all the social sites I use, YouTube brings in the most traffic. This is because my channel promotes the website.

Next would be Twitter, and then eventually, Facebook. However, your specific audience will come from platforms of choice. There’s a reason why I don’t currently promote on Pinterest or Instagram.

Explore the different outlets and find those which work best for your niche and target audience.

Adding Sharing Buttons on Your Content

Sharing your own blog post is a great start. However, you need to give visitors a reason to share the content themselves. If you look at the bottom of this post, I have sharing buttons available.

Though, I am debating on adding a new floating set on the side.

My point is having these buttons available and then adding a call-to-action to share your post can go pretty far for getting 1000 visitors in a month. Write something viral and you could see 1000 visitors in a day.

Speaking of which, if you find the article informative, please feel free to share. See what I did there?

Never underestimate the value of social sharing in today’s climate.

Adding Push Notifications

Push notifications are those popups you see when something you subscribed to publishes new content. An example of this is how YouTube sends popups when a channel you follow uploads a new video. And they don’t just work on mobile devices.

In fact, I use them myself.

As soon as I hit the publish button in WordPress, everyone subscribed to the website sees a notification on the bottom right.

This is quite effective at driving an audience simply because people are more engaged. They’ll subscribe to notifications because they like your content and can’t wait to see what’s next.

This increases visitation as well as on-page time, and possibly bounce rates. It’s all about gaining a loyal audience who appreciates your work.

And like the newsletter idea, using push notifications is free. All it takes is something like the OneSignal Push Notification plugin and you’re set.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Another effective method for gaining 1000 visitors in a month is by collaborating with others. This often comes in the form of sharing guest posts or appearing on each other’s YouTube videos.

Building a strong network of similar creators can open a plethora of doors you had no idea were even there.

For example, I’m willing to collaborate with just about anyone. So, if Gordon Ramsey wants to have a cook-off against a writer, I’m game.

Unfortunately, I doubt that would ever happen simply because our audiences are not relevant to each other. That is, unless Chef Ramsey was promoting something about writing while cooking.

At any rate, collabs are definitely something you’ll want to explore.

How Long Did it Take You to Get to 1000 Visitors?

In reality, getting to 1000 visits per month shouldn’t be all that difficult. As long as you do the very basic of promoting and publish regular content people want to read, it shouldn’t take long to reach that goal.

But as I mentioned above, it all comes down to creating content people want to read. If you’re just adding posts willy nilly without really doing research, you probably won’t amass vast amounts of traffic.

Take your time and produce high-quality material that sets you apart from the others. Become an expert in your niche and boost your online reputation through stellar blogging.

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