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The content brokerage site I have made the most money on is by far Textbroker. This is it...the original platform that started me on this path of being a ghostwriter. Since 2012, I've completed more than 5,000 pieces for clients ranging from blog posts to magazine articles. In some cases, I also developed eBooks. Out of all the systems I use, this is by far my favorite.

What is Textbroker?

Textbroker.com is a company that connects writers to clients. Technically, you're a freelance professional who uses the system to meet with those who need writing done. Essentially, the company is nothing more than a middle-man who helps you find clients.

Textbroker has a few ways you can make money as a writer.

  • Open Orders: Pays out the least. This is an open pool where any writer can pick up a job for a client. I've seen the open pool reach more than 5,000 available jobs at one point.
  • Team Orders: Usually offers better pay. Teams are developed by clients or Textbroker staff and center on a specific massive project. Team orders are only accessible to those in the team.
  • Direct Orders: Much higher pay. Direct orders are where you will make the most money. This is when you set how much you are paid per word by all clients. You are the only one who sees a direct order.

Textbroker has a level rating system based on your skills. If you're an exceptionally good writer, you will see your level raise rather quickly. Just keep in mind that the editors can be quite anal about grammar in the AP style. It took me more than a year to reach level four because I had issues with commas.

Easy to Use...But Takes a Long Time to Join

The sign-up process for Textbroker is relatively easy, but time consuming. You need to provide an initial sample of your work. Then, you can only complete five jobs that need to be rated. Once those jobs are rated, you receive your adjusted level and can start looking for clients. Unfortunately, this can take up to 10 days.

Not everyone will have the same experience. I am only sharing my own success on the system. You may do better or worse. In either case, it's a great way to start your career as a freelance ghostwriter.

How to Use Textbroker

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Success Tips for Textbroker

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