How You View Yourself Will Impact Success

Negativity regarding your skills can be one of the most damaging aspects in virtually any task. For me, I’m super-critical when it comes to my work. I have started and deleted many stories that may have had great potential. But because I viewed myself poorly in the past, I was not successful. For all I know, some of those could have been turned into bestsellers. How you view yourself and your abilities will weigh heavily on whether you succeed or fail.

Be Positive When You View Yourself

Many experts believe that a positive frame of mind can greatly alter your perception of the world around you. I tend to agree. Part of this is because your frame of mind will influence your decisions. When you view yourself in a positive manner, you may tend to have greater levels of motivation and put more effort into any given task. As a critical writer, this can be quite difficult at times. How do I get past these mind blocks that influence my work?

Looking Back At Successes
I’ve had a great deal of success as a ghostwriter. Obviously I am doing something right, because I’ve had a steady flow of clients for the past four and half years. Many of them even gave bonuses for outstanding work. It’s these people that I’ve helped that wind up helping me in return. I’m not saying that I haven’t had a few setbacks over the years. But the positive experience has far outweighed the negative. It’s this reason why I’ve decided to put more effort into my personal writing.

Realizing that I haven’t actually put effort into being an author is what drives me to be one. I’ve struggled plenty in the past with having a poor view of my own capabilities. However, I can’t say I’ve failed at trying to be an author because I’ve never actually tried – which, in a way, is a failure of its own. Never once have I published something in a public manner for critique. Aside from my blog and a few followers on Twitter, no one really knows I exist. My true failure is that I’ve never attempted to publish my work. That will change this year.

Toss the Ego Aside
Too many go into tasks with the mindset that they are properly equipped to become an instant success. It’s this ego that winds up causing a large portion of personal problems. Like I wrote before, I know a few people personally who gave up because their first attempt wasn’t up to their expectations. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today, and will continue to develop even further. I don’t let my ego take the reigns. I know the extent of my abilities as a ghostwriter, and I don’t assume to promote myself as the best there is. However, I do understand my own limitations and am confident in my work. Don’t mistake confidence for conceit.

Ways to Boost Self-Esteem

OK, so I know I said you should toss the ego aside, but there isn’t anything wrong with getting a little bit of a boost from a job well done. It’s all about how that ego boost influences your persona. If you take the smallest victory and embellish it too far, you can slip into a negative frame of mind when someone points out a flaw. A boost to your self-esteem can do wonders for how you view yourself as a writer. Just don’t let it turn into a conceited mindset. Here are a few things that have boosted my personal awareness recently.

I view blogging as more of a way to flex my literary muscles. I enjoy sharing my experiences and thoughts and hope to help at least one person per day. When someone likes something I wrote, it brings a smile to my face. Obviously, I did something right that connected with someone. That right there is why I continue to do this. Even if you operate a small blog relating to your life, it can be greatly influential when someone appreciates what you share.

Testing the Waters in a Social Element
So, I’ve been toying with being an author since I was in the seventh grade. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take my story writing to the social element. After writing them on this blog, they’re in the Creative Corner category by the way, I’ve seen how a few people have liked what I have created. It’s inspiration for me to get off my ass and finish the novels I have started oh so long ago. The point is, you don’t really know how the general public is going to view your work until you actually publish something.

The vision you have of yourself may be very different from what others may have. Unfortunately, you’ll never know how you impact others until you actually try. Change the way you view yourself and increase the likelihood of success. You never know, you could wind up on the New York Time’s Bestseller list.

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Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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