Is Your Blog Not Performing Well? 6 Things to Check

Blogging MoneyProfessional bloggers make the process look easy. There are many sites out there that tell you how to maximize your blog’s potential, but nothing these professionals suggest may be working. Could you be doing something wrong in the development of your website? There are many things that will affect whether or not your site will be frequented by visitors. If you want to have the same success that many of these individuals enjoy, you need to look closer at why your site is performing so poorly.

6 Points of Your Blog that Will Affect Visitation

Although there are many more aspects of your site that can affect its performance, I’ve narrowed it down to the six most common problems that many developers don’t consider. Just remember, it may take some time to develop a strong following when you blog. There is a good chance that it won’t become an overnight sensation. What points to your blog affect visitation?

  • Blog Niche
  • Activity
  • Marketing
  • Proper Monetization
  • Uniqueness
  • Patience

Blog Niche
Your topic of discussion on your blog can be directly related to it’s effectiveness for attracting visitors. If your material is centered around a topic that isn’t popular, you have to work that much harder in order to gain visitors from your competition. This is where monitoring trends come into play. By using Google Trends, you can see the overall popularity of keywords used in the search engine and determine if your content is highly sought after. If your niche is declining, it will become more difficult to maintain any level of success.

Posting one or two articles a week may be OK, but you need to assume that your competition is producing more. The more information you share about your specific niche on your site, the more visitors will find your content. Delve into every aspect of your topic and produce regular material. As with your niche, the success of your website is directly related to the amount of effort you put into developing informative and well developed content.

If people don’t know your site exists, how do you expect them to visit? I was trying to explain marketing to one client and he told me, “I don’t care about success.” My thoughts were, “then why have a website?” The whole reason behind a website is to share information with visitors. Whether you’re running an eCommerce site or a blog about cloth diapers, it’s all about delivering information to the visitor. Any method that can help spread the word about your blog is better than nothing at all.

Proper Monetization
Too many bloggers saturate their websites with Google Adsense banners and affiliate marketing links. These are common ways to make a few dollars, but they can make a site look terrible if there are too many. Personally, I’ll leave a site if it’s too difficult to scan through for the material. I shouldn’t have to sift through a ton of marketing ads to find the content. If you have engaging material and lucrative affiliates, you don’t need to make your site look like a sales flyer in the newspaper.

Offering something unique to your visitors is becoming an imperative practice in order to make any significant amount of money on a blog. Whether this is in the presentation of the information or tools and functions offered on your website, you need to offer something that your competition is lacking. This could take quite a bit of time in order to find something that sets you apart from the thousand of other sites like yours on the Internet.

One topic that isn’t talked about when related to blogging is patience. Don’t expect your site to become an overnight success. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to see any real activity for the first few months. Do you want 100,000 visitors per day? A proper niche and five years of constant development is in your future. Too many people give up too quickly because they’re only getting a handful of visitors per day. It takes time and determination to succeed.

If you’re developing a blog in order to allow you to quite your day job, you have a lot of work ahead of you. It could take quite a long time to develop the traffic base that helps bring in enough money in ads and affiliate sales to allow you to blog full time. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of visitation and do what you can to improve your site. Keep an eye on analytical data for monthly visitors. If you don’t see a significant increase after 12 months, then you may need to change strategies.

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Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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