Creative Writing and TextBroker

I recently read an article about TextBroker that was written in 2013. One of the comments afterwards stated that creative writing is not appreciated and how authors can be down-graded in level due to the use of simple things like commas. This is somewhat true. Comma usage is an incredibly emphasized aspect to writing content, and you need to place the punctuation correctly. Is it justifiable to go off on a rant against a company that values professionalism?

Is there room in TextBroker for Creative Writing?

There’s nothing wrong with creative writing when you are delivering a story or want to add your own finesse. For the most part, clients want professional appearances using AP style of writing. You need to follow a specific code of conduct according to that style. Deviation from writing this way could be detrimental to your level rating. Why is this such an important aspect to consider when developing content on TextBroker?

  • Creative writing is not an excuse for misunderstanding
  • AP style writing is what most clients want
  • You represent the client’s capacity for skill
  • TextBroker wants professionalism over creativity
  • Creative embellishments lead to less facts

Creative Writing is Not an Excuse

Some novice authors will try to fall back on using creative writing as an excuse for not understanding how to write in AP style. I personally know of three that have proven that they don’t have a full grasp of the concept. I’m not saying that these individuals are bad, but there needs to be a line drawn if you want to write professionally. Instead of making excuses, learn how to complete the task. You’ll look more professional and attract more clients in the long run.

AP Style Writing is What Most Clients Want

Although there are a few clients on TextBroker that are comfortable with asking for creative content, most want fact-based information in an easy to read format. When it comes to delivering information in such a manner, most will use AP style formats. Don’t try to dictate what a client wants. He or she wants the job done in a specific way.

You Represent the Client’s Capacity for Skill

When someone pays you for creating content as a ghostwriter, you are representing their competence and skill level. Being creative and taking certain literary liberties may be the farthest thing from a client’s need. Unless the article calls for a creative writing style, you need to keep to the AP format and be professional. It is possible to be original in this manner as long as it follows the rules.

TextBroker Wants Professionalism over Creativity

The entire premise of writing on TextBroker is to offer clients professional content. Being creative has it own merits, but not when it comes to delivering facts and information. Would writers for CNN or MSNBC be as successful as they are if they rely on “creative” pieces instead of delivering facts? Probably not. Although you may not be writing for either of these news companies, you should treat each job as if you were.

Creative Embellishments Lead to Less Facts

While it’s possible to write a piece of creative content while remaining true to the facts, it often leads to telling a story more than offering information. Most clients on TextBroker want material that is search-engine-friendly. Part of SEO practices is delivering content that contains factual information in order to drive traffic. Creative writing focuses more on telling a story in a personal style of delivery.

Once you understand the difference between delivering creative writing and AP style content, you’ll experience less frustration with the work at TextBroker. You are a professional that is paid to deliver what a client wants in a professional style. If you want to exercise those skills, there are a number of other sites on the Internet that welcome story telling. Just try to maintain a professional look when creating content for clients.

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Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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