Ways to Find Legitimate Freelance Writing Jobs

Online ScamsWhen it comes to finding freelance writing jobs, you need to be careful that you won’t be sucked into some scam. Whether it is the criminal element trying to get your information or rob you of money, you need to be mindful of what you’re doing when it comes to signing up with various websites. After all, you are handing over your information to a stranger in the hopes that you’ll be paid for your writing skills.


How to Make Sure that Writing Opportunities Are Legitimate

The Internet is full of scams that try to separate you from money or personal information. Until governments step in and enact some methods of reducing cyber criminal activity, you need to do what you can to limit the damage. It is possible to find those real freelance writing jobs – it just takes a bit of detective work from yourself sometimes.

Search Engines
By typing in various search parameters such as “writing jobs” or “freelance writing,” you can begin your search to locate real sites that are willing to pay for your talents. Once you find a website that looks like it could be an opportunity, you need to make sure that you won’t be taken in by scams. You do this by looking for problems by running a separate search of the company name with “complaints,” “scams” and “reviews” after its name. For instance, if you wanted to find problems with TextBroker.com, you could run a search for “textbroker complaints” or “txtbroker scams.”

Reading Reviews
Although reviews can be helpful, keep in mind that not everyone will have a positive experience regarding everything. Even businesses you find to be the best have had negative reviews by individuals. Spend a bit of time reading positive and negative reviews about a company before you make up your mind. Often times, bad reviews are left by people that were at fault instead of the company. This is called “operator error.” Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, people often blame the company. It’s the same whether you are looking for paying freelance writing jobs or buying computer components.

Don’t completely base your opinions from the experiences of others. Use the reviews as a guide, but remember that everyone will have their own experiences good and bad.

Never put complete faith in testimonials regardless of what you’re doing online. These are incredibly easy to fake. Personally, I tend to avoid reading testimonials for they really don’t serve a purpose other than wasting my time. Anyone can write one of these by slapping quotes around a marketable sentence and adding a random name to this miniature review.

Better Business Bureau
If you’re in the United States, perusing the database of the Better Business Bureau can help shed some light on whether a freelance writing job website has problems or not. However, not every opportunity is listed in this database. The BBB does show a lot of information regarding the business if it is monitored such as common complaints and whether cases have been settled or not.

Using Netvibes
I stumbled across this ability while writing a previous article about using Netvibes to benefit your content writing. When I put “freelance writing” in the system with a few of the search widgets in the application, a lot of jobs populated in the search criteria of those websites. I haven’t had a chance to take a look at all of the jobs that populated, but there were quite a few. This could be a helpful method to find legitimate work en mass as Netvibes will scour the Internet for you from a single control panel. I am actually debating on creating a YouTube video regarding this ability in the future.

Confirmed Paying Sites
This website is dedicated to helping freelance writers. In the “Websites that Pay to Write” area, these are locations that I have used and have been paid from. It’s a short list, but I have just been too busy to look for others.

Don’t simply fill out your information on a website you have only visited once. Do some research and make sure that others haven’t experienced scam-like activity. Even if the opportunity looks to be a legitimate freelance writing job, it could actually be a cover to steal your information or your money.

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