Is it Possible to Make $100 Per Day on TextBroker?

I was asked recently if it was possible to make at least $100 per day using TextBroker. If you read my previous posts, you probably already know that it is. Since I’ve had a couple of days to think about my answer, I really didn’t go too deep with my explanation to this person pertaining to how.

How Do You Make $100 Per Day on TextBroker?

Making $100 per day is possible, but it may be difficult in the beginning. There are several factors that will play into making this much money each day.

  • Knowledge of the subject matter
  • Writing Skills
  • Available Orders
  • Rate of Pay
  • Your Own Effort
  • Limited Distractions

Knowledge of the Subject Matter
Your knowledge of the subject matter that a client is requesting will reduce the amount of time you need researching the facts. Although I still do in order to provide the most accurate information possible, it does play heavily on how long it takes to complete an order. I tend to complete jobs faster regarding technology, business and sustainability – those are the subjects I personally have more knowledge in.

TypingWriting Skills
Being able to type fast is only part of being a freelance writer for TextBroker. You also need to worry about grammar and correct spelling. Making corrections and alterations can cut into the time it takes to complete an order. However, these abilities can quickly develop over a short amount of time if you work on several orders per day. Having your own side projects such as a blog may be beneficial as well.

Available Orders
Of course you will only make $100 per day if there is enough work to pay you that much. In TextBroker, the workflow fluctuates quite often. In order to keep yourself working, you need to attract Direct Order and Team Order clients. This is done by providing timely, accurate and quality work for those that submit orders into the open pool. If you impress a couple of these clients, they could send you work directly which could mean an increase of pay per word.

Rate of Pay
As a Level 3 writer, it will take more time to make $100 per day than a Level 4. However, I had direct clients while I was Level 3 that paid me considerably more than what a Level 4 makes. If you can please the client to pay you higher rates, then you can bring in a great deal of money regardless of your level. Between writing, proofreading and research, it would take me 6.2 hours of continuous typing in order to make $100 per day. This is a culmination of Open, Direct and Team Orders.

Your Own Efforts
Motivation and determination can be difficult for the work at home freelancer. If you don’t show effort in making $100 per day, you won’t receive that much. Every second you’re not writing or proofreading is a second that is lost.

Limit Your Distractions
In a previous post, or two, I’ve covered how difficult it can be for a freelance writer to be distraction-free in the home. There is just too much that can dip into your time throughout the day. Games, Facebook, chatting, television and other diversions around the home can make it exceedingly difficult to stay on task. You need to be determined not to let these things get in the way of writing, or else you will find it incredibly difficult to make $100 per day.

When you’re first starting out as a freelance writer, the process could be a bit slow. You need to build momentum and find your groove in order to be successful. If you’re new to writing, don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few months in order to build a client-base that can keep you working. Provide the highest quality you can for every order you complete and opportunities will develop that can keep you writing the entire day if you like.

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Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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