Additional Success Through Hard Work on Textbroker

My success on Textbroker is attributed to many factors. I’ve covered these a few times in previous articles. Recently, my persistence for excellence has paid off in spades. I am now a member of several regular teams as well as managing a few regular clients. Needless to say, it is getting more and more difficult to continue my side projects.


Provide Quality
I put a great deal of quality into each article whether it is a Level 2 order or a Direct Order from a regular client. What do I do in order to promote this quality?

  • Research: Every article I complete, I conduct research for relevant material.
  • Proofreading: Every article I write for a client is proofread for spelling and grammar.
  • Firefox: Currently, I use Firefox when creating content for the spell-checking feature.
  • Know My Limitations: While I love to learn new material, I won’t accept an order that I know will be beyond my capabilities.

Research Your Material
Although you may know facts about any given topic, information can change over the years. For instance, PC100 Memory for computers was top of the line – in the late 1990s. Personally, I use the hell out of Google Alerts and Netvibes. This keeps me informed of various topics and changes that happen immediately. This way, my clients receive up-to-date information in order to look more professional to their readers.

Proofread Your Material
You want your client to be represented in a competent manner. If you don’t proofread your material, the client could look foolish and unprofessional as the quality is poor. This will more than likely cause the client to cease using your services. You want the client to come back to you time and again. It is this person that pays your bills.

I have been a Firefox fan for quite some time. Lately, the overall functionality of the browser using Flash-based programming has been driving me crazy. Still, I load it up every day and take advantage of the spell checker as well as the other tools I have installed as plugins – such as Buffer and Alexa.

Know Your Limitations
While you may be tempted to write an article at 3.5 cents per word, the content could be far out of your league. The client could reject your work which wastes your time as well as making the client wait longer for the completed order to be turned in. If you’re using a system such as TextBroker or WriterAccess, leave the order for someone who may be more qualified to complete the task with better quality than what you can provide. Over time, you may develop the knowledge to complete some of those other jobs.

Providing superior quality as well as dedication to completing tasks in a timely fashion will propel your success to great heights. Be professional and give the client a reason to come back for more. At some point, the work offered to you could snowball in a vast collection of clients and teams.

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Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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