How to Achieve Level 4 on TextBroker

TypingRegardless of how good of a writer you believe yourself to be, you will always be at the mercy of critics. Essentially, this is true no matter what project you’re working on whether it be writing or flipping burgers at McDonald’s. You can’t please 100-percent of the people 100-percent of the time.

Level 4 in TextBroker is quite an achievement, especially if you’re new to writing. It is the difference between average work at $0.01 per word and exceptional work at $0.014 per word. To put this into perspective for you, it changes a 500 word order from $5.00 to $7.00. If you are a fast typist, this can greatly increase your rate of pay per day. This also opens more orders for you to complete as a large portion of TextBroker work is for Level 4 ghostwriters.

There are many factors that play into how you can achieve this level increase. No, these aren’t cheats or special codes – but they can greatly help your cause. In order to help ensure your level increase, concentrate on:

  • Improving your grammatical skills
  • Pleasing the client
  • Surpassing personal goals

Improving Grammatical Skills
Excellent grammar is sought after by every client. Even Level 2 jobs are frequented by those look for this skill. How you improve your grammatical prowess is by paying close attention to editor notes when your orders are reviewed by TextBroker and constantly learning by visiting specialist sites or reading more content. A college course or two in writing could also be greatly beneficial if you have the time and money for such.

Pleasing the Client
Making the client happy can go a long way to improving your status. The more often a single client uses you specifically in terms of Direct Orders, the more professional your appearance becomes in the system. This can also help you make a great deal more money.

Surpassing Personal Goals
Personally, I used to write what I can in order to make sure I had enough money to pay my bills each week. But as my wife and I discovered, this is no way to be happy. I am tired of only surviving on what I need without having the money to buy little things throughout the week that I want. That’s when I decided to change my focus on the number of minutes I write everyday. I have increased my average pay by more than $75 per week.

Set personal goals in order to help you keep motivated. The more writing you complete, the greater your skills become. It’s like that old adage, “Practice makes perfect.” Myself, I focus on completing 300 minutes per day for paying clients while operating several websites. This is only five hours per day, but my plate is pretty full. If I was to stop my side projects, I have no doubt that I would make close to $150 per day.

For me, I didn’t reach Level 4 for about a year after I started writing. I did obtain it briefly for a few days, but was reduced back to a three. Now, I have maintained Level 4 for almost a year and a half and am debating on taking the tests to become Level 5. With just under 3000 TextBroker articles under my belt, I suppose you can say that I am a bit of a professional at this point.

Don’t focus on how much money you can make. Keep your mind on producing the best content you can and everything else will eventually fall into place. Your own skills and determination could be greater than my own delivering a greater level of success.

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Michael has been a freelance writer since January of 2012. He has completed more than 5,000 jobs for a variety of clients ranging from animals to travel.

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