Why Online Freelance Professionals are Better than Full-time Employees

Hiring an online freelance professional is far more efficient than having a full-time employee within the establishment.  In a world where budgets are tight, you need to save as much money as possible in regards to any aspect of your business.  Freelance professionals can provide that savings across the board.  From overhead to insurance, the savings are beyond what you may realize.



As most online freelance professionals are paid on a per-job basis, you don’t have to worry about someone milking the clock.  The freelancer will be paid the same amount of money whether it takes him or her 20 minutes for the task or eight hours.  They pay is based on pure productivity.  If a full-time employee has to use the restroom, there is up to five minutes of the company time down the drain.  If you are paying someone $10 per hour and they use the bathroom twice per day on an average of five minutes each trip, you are losing $1.60 per day per employee.  The same analysis can be made for any amount of time that is not spent on task.  It may seem crass to think this way, but there is a lot of wasted time that many don’t realize.  Of course, you don’t want to be the employer that nobody wants to work for by denying things like bathroom breaks or occasional chit-chat.


How much money do you spend each year for insurance premiums of each employee?  This also includes social security benefits and other fees or taxes you may face when hiring an additional staff member.  Why not eliminate the spending of these premiums by hiring freelance professionals?  Any insurance he or she may want is 100% up to them to acquire.  Your only task is to provide them with work to complete.

Overhead Costs

You may already be aware of the overhead costs of each computer that is in use throughout your business day by your full-time employees.  Do you take into consideration lighting, space, and water as well?  Each time the toilet is flushed, a light is turned on, or a drink of water is made by a full-time onsite employee costs you money.  Depending on how many employees you have, this could become quite costly per year per person.  Overhead costs for the online freelance professional is, again, 100% up to them to maintain.  It is their own Internet, electricity, water, and food that is being used every day.

Online Help Wanted
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Vacation Time

Paying for employee vacations?  If you choose an online freelancer, you would save all of that lost time and money from productivity.  Many online freelance professionals work while on vacation as their job can be taken with them where ever they go.  If someone is unavailable to work on your tasks, there are thousands of other professionals waiting to hear from you.

A Variety to Choose From

There are many legitimate freelance organizations on the Internet.  Websites like oDesk.com has a vast workforce that is able to complete any office, programming, or technical task you may need.  You don’t have to worry about the hiring and firing process.  If you don’t like the work provided by one individual, move on to the next.  For instance, freelance writers used on websites such as Textbroker, WriterAccess, and others are put through rigorous testing to make sure their quality of work is satisfactory.  If you don’t like the content the freelancer provides, don’t pay him or her and find another who will make you happy.

Happier and More Productive

Those who telecommute using the Internet are generally more happy than those who work a regular eight-to-five job.  Happier workers makes a more productive worker.  It’s also very common for those who are home due to sickness or injury still have enough willpower to work from the comfort of his or her own desk.

Economy Helping

Some may argue that taking jobs away from local staff could be detrimental to the local economies of the city.  While this may be true, the work that a local employee could do for you can be done online as well.  Local professionals don’t have to settle for employment if they know how to become an online freelance professional themselves.

Those who are working online are essentially helping their local economy.  For every dime they receive, there is a solid chance they will spend it at the local establishments.  If more people were to submit their talents to online workloads, the wealth created from online work could be more distributed throughout the country instead of being concentrated in one location.  Theoretically, this could be far better for the economy – as long as more professionals are presenting themselves online.

Hiring a freelance professional can no doubt save your company a great deal of money.  Utility bills will decrease and the general cost you face per local employee would be greatly diminished.  With additional monies at your disposal, you could continue to have some local staff and pay them a greater amount, use the money for improved marketing, or even use the extra money to invest in other means of generating additional revenue.  The possibilities are near endless.

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